$800k in COVID tickets loom over Niagara area anti-lockdown leader. Rob Primo is facing eight different summonses. If found guilty, each summons holds a maximum penalty of $100,000 and up to one year in prison each.

After leading me to believe I was going to jail as I would not accept their Guilty plea when my Trial Commenced all 8 of my provincial charges against me were dropped. Many people said to me you must be so relieved everything was dropped and dismissed and you can move on with your life now but I felt the exact opposite. This set a very dangerous precedent in Canada as Canadians can be coerced and controlled whenever the Government feels like it. They showed us that they can just charge you and scare you and control you whenever they feel fit to do so. Then when they're done playing with you and using you like a toy to scare others and intimidate them into not resisting their every demand they can just drop the charges.

Accountability: I'm in a unique position where this is over with now and If I can raise enough funds I can sue the government and staff acting in bad faith. This is something that most people don't want to take on as we realize how corrupt they truly are and the things they are capable of doing to us. If we do not start to take these types of actions we will never see any justice served. I'm a pretty humble guy and am not very comfortable asking for others to contribute to this cause however I've witnessed them continuously just move on to the next person then the next,next ect. It's going to end up being you one day and we need to turn this around into the other direct.

Thank you in advance to anyone who contributes to helping me hold them accountable. Lots of Love and God bless. I will post the link in the comment section underneath here.

Rob Primo