As the woke mob has done their best to SILENCE us and stop our premiere we have thwarted them at every turn. As the premiere approaches we need all the support we can to protect ourselves from deranged “activists” as well as all the other costs that come with dismantling and resisting cancel culture. As the weak venue owner himself admitted once “we learned of the nationalist populist agenda, we canceled the event.” The location we booked afterwards was also canceled due to perceived inability to provide adequate security from deranged leftists. This is how cancel culture works. Woke mobs intimidate weak men. But we are not weak men!


The attacks have only motivated us to fight harder and made this documentary a much larger event than even we could have imagined! Please support The Return of the American Patriot: The Rise of Pennsylvania if you can today! Be sure to stay tuned and check your email for the future digital release and if you are in PA, check ticket availability to see the doc first! Thank you all and God Bless!


As you may have seen the trailer to Turley Productions first movie is a documentary, “The Return of the American Patriot: The Rise of Pennsylvania” and the response has been incredible. How would you like to be a part of our first documentary? Also there's an opportunity for just a few of you to jump on a video call with me. I'm going to explain how in just a moment. But first did you hear the news? We hoped to sell a few hundred tickets over the next month- but we sold hundreds in just a couple days! We SOLD OUT! Thankfully We just secured a larger theater to allow us to sell an additional hundred tickets for the live in person premiere. It has been really special as We've had patriots who saw the trailer asking us to show the documentary in theaters all over Pennsylvania. AMAZING! The spirit of freedom is CONTAGIOUS! 

Your excitement for this project has been incredible, and we’ve already had requests for the movie to be brought locally to you in other places besides Lancaster. To do this, our small production company needs resources. This movie has gone above budget costing us over $50,000 as we’ve worked to make this as professional as possible. We’ve brought in people who make Fox Nation documentaries and other award winning movies to make this top quality.

As we are bringing you the good news of what is happening at a local level in Pennsylvania so you can be inspired to do the SAME thing where you are– and take back your freedoms! 

Thus, we need your help to make sure we can spread the message of this documentary and do many more like it in the years to come.

We are opening an opportunity for you to support Turley Productions first ever documentary!

For any donations over $50 AS A THANK YOU we will have your name featured in the ending movie credits as a "Turley Productions Founder".

As an additional bonus any donations over $150 you will also be invited to a live VIP video session so we can meet and greet before a live Virtual Premiere of the movie with me, the producer, director,and writer.

What your donation covers:

  • Equipment and Supplies ($5k) - Computer equipment, film equipment, cinematic editing software
  • Producing, Directing and Cinematography ($25k) - Conservative Film Production, directing, cinematography, & travel expenses
  • Research and Development ($5k) - Historically accurate research, branding & design
  • Legal, Accounting and Insurance Fees ($5k) - Film copyright & trademark fees, legal fees, accounting fees and distribution insurance
  • Film Premiere and Distribution ($10k) - Ticketing Software, promotional materials, website domains, film website, virtual hosting on specialized platforms