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Campaign Created by: Thaddeus Maharaj

The funds from this campaign will be received by Thaddeus Maharaj.

If you've benefitted from the ministry of THEOTIVITY, please prayerfully consider partnering with me by giving a donation of any amount. Big or small, it all helps! 

When I started THEOTIVITY, I had no clue if or how God would use it. It was an experiment in stepping out in faith to build something for the sake of the Kingdom. I'm happy to announce that God has used it in surprising ways, with the site receiving at least 2000-3000 visits consistently per month, and the podcast steadily growing in listenership. I've also received a lot of positive feedback from people who have testified how God has used the content to bless their lives. I'm genuinely humbled and give glory to God!

I want to keep THEOTIVITY.COM going and find ways to make it financially self-sufficient. To date, I've paid for everything out of pocket. However, with a young family (we recently adopted a little baby boy!) and other commitments, this is not something I can reasonably continue to do without your help. I'm thankful that this past year I've been able to raise my goal of $2000 to cover the website hosting and domain fees for the next 3 years and upgrade some of the gear I use to produce content. Thanks to everyone who gave!


I'd also like to be able to invest in advertising and upgrades to the gear, software and web hosting to improve the quality - all of which require money. Below is my vision for my budget plan for THEOTIVITY for the future and how your donation can be used to help the ministry grow:

  • $600/year - Invest in online, social media and print advertising (e.g. business cards) to get THEOTIVITY's content in front of more eyes
  • $200/year - Subscription service to do remote video podcast interviews with guests
  • $800/year - Media Software subscriptions for design, video, website, graphics, etc.
  • $400/year - Book budget: it gets expensive buying books for research to ensure that the content is top-notch!

The amount I raise will determine what additional I can do for the next year with THEOTIVITY. I'm truly thankful for your support and the blessing this ministry has been (even in my own life - I've gotten to meet some amazing people).

Please consider sharing this fundraiser if you'd like to see the ministry of THEOTIVITY continue and expand. May the LORD greatly bless you!

(Note: 3% of funds raised will go to support GiveSendGo. Why? Because I want to support non-woke, Christian companies who are providing valuable services!)


Update #2
June 6, 2023
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We have SURPASSED our fundraising goal!

I seriously cannot thank everyone enough... I'm totally blown away by the generosity and support for this ministry and super encouraged and excited to start the next season of Theotivity!!!

These funds will be used towards covering hosting expenses, buying some much-needed gear to improve the quality of content, and starting some new projects I've been wanting to get going... Stay tuned... I'm working on new content for the next season of the Theotivity Podcast as well as some other projects.

I'll be sending out a more detailed Email Newsletter update soon.


Soli Deo Gloria!

Update #1 - Raised Minimum Amount Needed!
December 17, 2022
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Thanks so much to everyone who gave!

I'm delighted that we've raised enough to keep THEOTIVITY.COM up and running for this next year!

I've still got a lot of other plans to expand and improve the ministry of THEOTIVITY, so any extra raised from this point will be used towards helping it grow. See the description for some of the things I'd like to do.

If you've benefitted from the ministry of THEOTIVITY and would like to see it continue to grow and spread, please prayerfully consider giving a donation of any amount. Thanks so much for the support!



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