The Manninos is a reality TV show that follows the everyday lives of The Mannino Family, a multigenerational Italian American family all living in the same house. Starring Tyler Mannino; an aspiring actor, filmmaker, and entrepreneur on a journey to success and stardom. After graduating from college and starting his own production company, Tyler lays the groundwork for his future and works to establish his career, and all with the love and support of his family- his mother Tara, his grandfather Ted, and his grandmother Sunny. The Manninos takes viewers into the day-to-day lives of this wholesome yet crazy, hilarious, and larger than life Italian American family as they juggle family, friendships, careers, dating, and the drama that ensues.

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Tyler Mannino
Tyler Mannino is the star of the family and has always had big dreams. For his entire life he’s always wanted to be an actor and filmmaker, and after starting his own production company and graduating college with a film degree he’s working hard to make his dreams a reality. Tyler has high hopes to become a rising star, and viewers now have a front row seat to see his journey to success. With his charismatic, humorous, and over the top personality, it's safe to say he is truly a unique and one of a kind person. Tyler has been able to overcome plenty of difficult struggles throughout his life, and no matter what he faces he will always have his family by his side. If there's one thing he loves more than his career, it's his family.

Tara Mannino
Tara Mannino is Tyler’s overprotective and dramatic mother. Tara raised Tyler as a single mother and has dedicated her life to taking care of her son, they've been through a lot together and as a result they have a very strong bond and are best friends. Nowadays however he moreso has to take care of her and despite their close bond they get into plenty of arguments. She and Tyler are both night owls, have the same taste in music, and share an addiction to coffee. Tara would do anything for her son, even help cover his tracks.

Sunny Mannino
Sunny Mannino is Tyler’s flamboyant and outgoing grandmother. Sunny has always been the more strict disciplinarian of the family, but with a very outgoing personality and a heart of gold. She and Tyler are the more outgoing ones and both share a love of partying and affinity for alcoholic drinks, and even being a bit too crazy at times. Sunny is a very religious Catholic and has dedicated her life to helping others, she believes every problem can be solved by having faith. She may be sweet and sunny as her name implies, but she definitely packs a punch.

Ted Mannino
Ted Mannino is Tyler’s highly respected and laid-back grandfather. He is the patriarch and voice of reason of the family. Ted has had a very long and successful career as an educator and has served as Tyler’s inspiration and role model throughout his life. They are both highly intelligent and share many of the same interests including technology and filmmaking, in fact he’s the reason why Tyler got into filmmaking in the first place. Despite his easygoing nature, even he has his limits when dealing with this crazy family.


I am raising the funds to be able to pay for the production (filming) and post-production (editing) of the show. Once enough money is raised production will begin almost immediately. So far we've funded everything ourselves and have only been able to pay for and shoot and edit enough footage to make a sizzle reel or pilot episode. We still need to film and edit a lot more for what we have so far in addition to making more episodes.

This is a project very near and dear to my heart. My family and I are very eager to share our lives and experiences with others and bring everyone along for the ride. I'm hoping that people will not only be entertained by the show, but that they'll also be inspired by it and be able to relate to it as well. Whether it be the following your dreams aspect of the show, the overcoming challenges together as a family aspect of the show, or even just the crazy and hilarious situations that happen on the show; there's something here for everyone to enjoy. Each one of us in the family have very distinct personalities, but we also all share things in common. There is never a dull moment in our lives and very interesting and entertaining things happen all the time; some of them funny, some of them heartfelt, and some of them dramatic. This is a great opportunity to show the world what a great wholesome Italian American family looks like.

If you donate you will receive exclusive rewards depending on how much you donate which are discussed below.


Any donation is very much appreciated and helps even if it's just $1, and anyone who donates will be able to watch the show regardless of how much you donate. But for those of you who give more we wanted to reward you for it. By contributing to the show you can get some really awesome and exclusive rewards, perks, & benefits in return. Listed below are the various rewards you can get based upon how much you donate, and each level gives you all of the rewards from all previous levels.

• $5- Special thank you and shoutout online.

• $10- Pre-order a digital copy of a full uncensored season of the show & get early access to the show before the rest of the public.

• $25- Pre-order a digital copy of a special edition version of show that includes extras & special bonus features (deleted scenes, BTS content, etc.). Also get autographed postcard of cast included.

• $50- Have a phone or video call, email, message, or chat with the cast & crew plus an autographed picture or postcard and a special thank you letter from them.

• $75- Invitation to be a part of a focus group and see a test screening of the show.

• $100- Free ticket & VIP pass to attend a live promo event that includes a special autograph signing, photo op, meet & greet, & VIP access.

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• $5,000- Special opportunity to be in a scene on the show.

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Listed below are the goals we hope to reach. Our goals will be separated into three phases with five goals each, and each phase showing what we will be able to accomplish for the show when we reach those goals. Initially we were planning on the show being hour-long episodes with 10 or more episodes per season, however for the time being that is too costly and time consuming. Therefore starting out we will be doing the show in a shorter format released online consisting of episodes around 10 minutes long each. If we get enough funding we may eventually be able to do the show in the full-length format.

Phase One- A few seasons of the show in a short online format

• Goal #1- $10,000

• Goal #2- $25,000

• Goal #3- $50,000

• Goal #4- $75,000

• Goal #5- $100,000

Phase Two- Many seasons of the show in the short online format or a few seasons of the show in the full-length format:

• Goal #1- $100,000

• Goal #2- $250,000

• Goal #3- $500,000

• Goal #4- $750,000

• Goal #5- $1,000,000

Phase Three- Multiple seasons of the show in the full-length format:

• Goal #1- $1,000,000

• Goal #2- $2,500,000

• Goal #3- $5,000,000

• Goal #4- $7,500,000

• Goal #5- $10,000,000