Currently I am working on Book 2 of the scifi series I am writing.  This has been taking a bit longer than I had anticipated because of the pain I struggle with!  The site for these books are:

The Line Book Series Website

I am currently about half done the 2nd book.  I was surprised at the response on the first book of the series.  I am hoping that my second book will be as successful.  I had a publication deadline with Amazon that I missed.  As mentioned before, I am struggling with pain and that limits how much I can work.  If you don't donate, if you could pray for me that I will be able to get past the pain and finish the second book!

These books I write are free of any profanity and easy to read for all ages.  I also have audio versions available.  Just check my website for information on the audio books.

For any donations over $20 and if you request it, I would be happy to provide autographed copies of both books as a thankyou.  Or if you prefer, I could provide the audio or digital version of the books.

For me writing is not a money making opportunity, its an opportunity to share my stories with the world.

Thankyou to all of the people who purchased the first book in the series!  Please be patient as the story will continue in the second book.

Take care and God Bless..


Scifi Author, Computer Scientist, and believer in Jesus Christ!