Help the Hardin's pay for medical expenses!

Campaign Created by: Cassie Hardin

The funds from this campaign will be received by Thomas Hardin.

Goal: USD $10,000
Raised: USD $ 2,835

Hi! My name is Cassie. My brother, his wife, and their daughter are in a great time of need. My sister in law, Emma, was recently hospitalized for 4 days due to her gallbladder. They still have not scheduled her surgery to have it removed. Now, the week after her discharge, their daughter Kairi was urgently sent to Scottish Rite Children's Hospital. As of right now her diagnosis is Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia. We do not know when she will be discharged exactly, doctor says maybe 4 days. Kairi is 10 years old, loves to read, loves animals, and has the kindest little heart. Family is everything to us. Please help us by donating, this is such a difficult time in their lives. Emma and Tommy both have missed work due to these events and any little bit would help! We ask for prayers over the doctors minds and hands as they continue with treatments, prayers of healing over Emma and Kairi's bodies, and prayers of strength for Tommy. Thank you!


Update 10/02/2022
October 2, 2022
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I went to visit them today at Scottish Rite, Kairi is looking and feeling better. She did end up having to have a blood transfusion and it did help. Her blood count is slowly increasing every day but she is still not where she needs to be! We are really hoping that it will increase enough so that she will be able to come home this week! I want to thank everyone that has donated, you are all truly such a blessing! 

Update 9/29/2022
September 29, 2022
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This morning I got an update from Emma, Kairi's blood count dropped again. The doctors are going to try to treat her with more steroids but if that doesn't help she may have to have a blood transfusion! Please continue to pray for her little body! 


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