Wow. May of 2021 was powerful. The Zoom reading was a huge step.

Working with a cast and professional director/ dramaturg (shoutout to Diana Wyenn!) changed EVERYTHING. It was a transformational process, and it was really cool to witness the impact it had. It changed my life.

Then I postponed further action.

For months, when you asked “how’s the play?!”, I changed the subject. I was observing how COV*D protocols affected live theatre, and I was concerned these protocols would exclude the very community this play aims to serve.

Well, there’s finally a solution...

We’re filming it! With a professional cast. Whoo!!

(And also a little terrified).

I know in my heart that it’s the most aligned next step.

Filming the play will allow limitless options for inclusive (and accessible!) screenings, which feels GOOD. This will help us fulfill our mission to build community, mobilize advocacy, and fundraise for treatment grants.

What I’m most excited about is how, with this video, we can host events to benefit patients around the world. After the film is produced, the next step is to run a pilot event in SoCal where we gather and fundraise for patients. After that, there’s no telling how far our impact will ripple out. I can’t wait. When I imagine the possibility of paying for Lyme treatment for my friends (not to mention all the patients I haven’t met yet), it makes me cry. So thank you for your support. It really could change someone’s life.

Our projected premiere is May of 2023, in time for next year’s Lyme Disease Awareness Month!

You can learn more at my website,