Spiritual Spa Days Well Balanced (SSDWB) is a proud supporter of Genesis Energy Alliance Restoration, The G.E.A.R. Up Project.  G.E.A.R. is a Christian-based non-profit organization, managed by volunteers, helping communities and Church families G.E.A.R. Up with health-focused choices and the full Armor of God.  These agencies are the result of finding light in the darkest times during the early death of a beloved Mother. Faithful prayers went out to sow new seeds of life due to the tragedy and something incredible was released in heaven and on earth; the SSDWB Mission and The G.E.A.R. Up Project grew!  The demand is extremely high for believers seeking pure, natural choices for their health. Many are seeking a source of information in non-Christian ways.  Our Mission: Bring a message of Temple Wellness to the Church BodyCore Team Intention: Using everything God gave in Heaven and on this earth to develop Ephesian 6:10-11, thereby glorifying Him in our actions.  We are laying a new foundation for a well-balanced faith journey for meeting this need.  Our Vision: The Church Body living a Well-Balanced Faith Journey in the Likeness of His Image: Spirit, Soul, and Body.  For a more in-depth summary of our strategy see: https://spiritualspadayswellbalanced.com/spa-day-mission

Our plan is to come alongside the Church by sharing a message of Temple Wellness with the Church Body through mobile center events.  If the Church only focuses on Spirit and Soul and neglects the Body, the Temple of the Holy Spirit, our faith journey is out of balance.  If we are out of balance, we will never reach the fullness of our God-given potential nor walk in the perfect plan He has for us.  We are going North, South, East, & West and intend to replicate our model in as many mobile centers as can be provided through support and God's plan.  The model incorporates 7 modalities.  They include: Biblical Theology; Temple Wellness; Temple Fitness; Guided Biblical Deep Breathing Meditation with frequency and light energy; Temple Rejuvenation; group annual Lenten Journey; Spiritual Counsel, and of course one-on-one prayer.  We are going to the front line of the battlefield to face the war against the Temple, with all reverence to know, “… to whom much is given, from him much will be required;" (Luke 12:48)  There is no coming back from the truth once it is revealed, and there is no running for the hills or hiding from the enemy who is gaining momentum and territory.  God trusted us enough to share these revelations with us therefore, we must prepare for the spiritual battle we face.  We must go to war!  We will not fail Him or the Kingdom by ignoring the call to action!  We uncover unhealthy pitfalls and reveal harmful deceptions.  We go well beyond just Scripture regarding our Temple.  We bring in science, natural experts, and providers, and dig in deep.  We research and learn about the astonishing things God created in nature, making a way for us to function at optimal levels, so we can fully live in God’s will.

Where God guides, He provides.  Will you be a part of the provision that is needed and donate generously?  We need approximately $30,000 to cover start-up costs and a 2024 aggressive budgeting plan to bring multiple G.E.A.R Up / SSDWB Mobile Centers to many more!  

We seek knowledge, pray for wisdom, and then freely share with others about the interworking of the amazing Temple, loaned to us for a long as we are here on earth until our Creator calls us home.  In Jesus’ name, Amen!  The Kingdom’s impact is to foster healing in Spirit, Soul and Body and begin to take back that which has been stolen.  Stronger Temples do more Kingdom good by more fully operating in individual callings.  Those who were not looking but want better health will enter in.  God’s people will be able to hear more clearly from the Holy Spirit through an increase in their perception and awareness.

Decree from the Lord: My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.  (ref Hosea 4:6).  If we do not study what our Temple needs, then we will be deceived by the doctrines and greed of men. Through The G.E.A.R Up Project and Spiritual Spa Days Well Balanced Centers we can find what has been missing for the body, our Temple, without leaving the Church.

May you experience the Glory of the Lord today!