Seán Kilkenny – The Forgotten Horses, The Forgotten Man

Seán Kilkenny, up until government measures three years ago, was a hard-working honest man operating a successful horse and carriage, horse and pony trekking business from Dromoland Castle in Co Clare. Seán employed 10 people. When the global crises hit, Seán caring for just under 40 horses was forced into a PUP (Covid Payment) of 350 euro to take care of his family, run his business and provide for his 40 horses. This was impossible.

When all political avenues were exhausted to seek help for his horses from the Irish Government, Seán embarked on a five-day mission to Leinster House (Irish Parliament), Dublin. He travelled with some of his horses to raise awareness of the fall out of their decisions as well as promote mental health, as the situation publicly and professionally was looking bleak. Seán, with the support of his family, friends and locals in his community successfully made his way to Dublin collecting letters of support from other small Irish businesses who sadly were facing a similar fate. His mission was to deliver these letters – Small Irish businesses just simply couldn’t survive and needed help from the Government. His journey was a wasted one. Seán and the horses were evicted and homeless.

Seán released a video of his brave journey which can be seen at his YouTube channel here;

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Currently being edited.

Vision for the Future

My horses will be treated to the standard they were used to when I was working at Dromoland Castle. I want to nurture their care and seek assistance in providing to their every need. Following on from that, and with a successful campaign my aim is to build and develop an equine healing centre to create a space in which the poor and vulnerable can access proper mental health care and a community of support and assistance. Having faced my own challenging mental health through this journey, I can relate and empathise greatly with the suffering that has emerged in the past three years. 

I visualise an education centre and a healing centre where I can provide a space for people to learn and develop their understanding of the ancient relationship between man and horse. Understanding that horses mirror people, I know they have the capacity to ground and connect people in a way that most therapies struggle. I want to demonstrate the power of this connection to horses while providing the healing and hope for those who were left behind in recent years. Only with your help can I make this happen. 

I want to build a rambling house to preserve and celebrate our indigenous heritage and culture. In this house, music, poetry and storytelling will be alive and kicking as we return to our ancient Irish way of aural learning.

I promise to deliver frequent reports and updates on the developments with the help of your donations. I would also invite any of you to come and see this grow and develop while this process takes place. I would also invite you to bring your expertise in any of these areas so we can create together. 

Thank you in advance for your support. 

Seán Kilkenny & Forgotten Horses.