Throughout the Covid pandemic, Sarah saved numerous lives and/or eased the symptoms of

those suffering from Covid. She was able to do this by prescribing a combination of therapies,

such as Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine , monoclonal antibodies and oxygen, as was needed

for each specific patient. She even made house calls, no matter the time of day or night.

These therapies went against the government narrative that they were, and still are pushing.

People sought her help by the droves because they couldn’t get these prescriptions from their

regular doctors.

Sarah knew she was at risk of losing her license to practice, but her conviction to help those in

need was so strong, she continued.

As a result, the medical board has been threatening to strip her of her license to practice for

several years now. She prevailed in the first battle last year, but this time it is worse and she is

now facing the battle of her life and livelihood.

Due to this ongoing massive coordination of spurious investigations and scrutiny by the medical

board, Sarah's legal fees have skyrocketed.

She now needs your help.

Please consider donating to her Venmo account @sgreen537 and the last four digits are 4683 to confirm, or you can write a check to Sarah

Green-Frost, and mail it to 671 W. Tefft St suite 9, Nipomo CA 93444

If you are unable to donate, please keep Sarah in your prayers and please pass this along to

anyone who may be able to help!