Please can you help me, Joké Hoetmer to raise the funds to publish and distribute my book: Tears behind the Smile?

My own experiences would be wasted, if I did not share them as a message of encouragement and hope to other women, who have, and are going through domestic abuse in its many forms.

The book is my story of survival and resilience despite my horrific experience of physical, emotional and mental abuse from the men I put my hope and trust in.

Over many years I suffered abuse in various parts of my life, and through no fault of my own, I allowed Shame and Blame to take residence in my home, and my future.

This is my heart felt story, and hopefully has the capacity to inspire and invoke hope, resilience and faith to the many women who have, and are suffering from domestic abuse, with each chapter’s unique "Lifeline" message. 

My Mission:

Is to help, encourage and give hope to women who have, and are, suffering from physical, and emotional abuse, and silently hiding their own, Tears behind ‘Their’ Smiles.

My Vision:

Is to publish Tears behind the Smile in as many International languages as possible, to reach women of all nationalities who suffer from the same abuse as I did. As abuse is the same in all languages.

I am just a woman with a past, and a hope for the future, and now not looking back with tears, but with a smile and hope into a far better brighter future.