Colorado Voter Participation Audit

Donations will go to Tactical Data Solutions to pay for data and labor to conduct an audit of CO voters.

I am the CEO of Tactical Data Solutions, Inc. I would like to conduct an audit of the voters in Colorado using technology and the data. We have been working in Voter Data since 2004.

Funds raised will go toward the purchase of data first.  If and only if we have some left over, it would be nice to be paid for some of my time.  However, the first funds will help offset some of the data I am buying and will be buying.  This is volunteer labor on my part unless we are hugely successful at fundraising.  Think of it as paying someone to help clean up Colorado voter participation.  We will be filing charges against voter fraud as we find it.

The plan is to:
1. Purchase the voter participation data then match it against deceased individuals in Colorado.
2. Request from the 64 clerks in Colorado the number of ballots printed and mailed and compare to the number of ballots processed.
3. Get a record of ballots rejected and for what reason - audit for their participation.
4. Match vote participation to Marriage Records to detect if anyone voted under their Maiden Name and their married name (this will detect double voting).
5. Compare Received vs Sent dates to detect if the data is in the correct order.
6. Compare the 3.2 Million voters in Colorado to the National Change of Address database (NCOA) to detect which voters moved out of Colorado but still voted in the election.
7. Identify new registrants and examine for patterns by party, gender, dates of registration
8. Compare the data to known illegal aliens for participation by non-residents.
9. Sample new voters to see if they are in fact real and did vote.
10. Compare voter participation to known donors to identify non-voting activists
11. Compare current voters to known felons by address
12. Run multiple duplicate queries.  First, M, Last, DOB, even Phone Number for 2X voters.
13. Run duplicate queries for multiple voters at same address - looking for a pattern.

This is my story of how I got involved in voter data business and why I’m uniquely qualified for the task of auditing voter records.

Way back in 2002 we wanted to thank campaign volunteers of my wife's lost Primary State Rep campaign (from August) and send them a Christmas card. After we purchased the primary voter participation file in order to get their addresses we noticed dedicated volunteers and major donors that did not appear to have voted. Obviously we thought it odd to spend so many hours stuffing envelopes, walking neighborhoods, donating money and then fail to show up to vote. When my wife began calling the ones who appeared to have not voted, they swore they had voted. Then I got involved in trying to determine the discrepancy. With a background in finance and financial data I figured it couldn't be that difficult to do an audit and unravel the mystery. We were met with immediate hostility from the Mesa County Clerk and Recorder or then Mesa County Clerk and Recorder Janice Ward. Her office leaked the story to the press with their spin, and the press gladly participated in coloring public opinion against my audit. The stories and lies the paper circulated were defamatory and claimed we were trying to overturn the election, despite the fact that the deadline had long passed.

While I began to analyze the data we already had, I determined that the problem was county-wide and didn't only affect my wife's race (which was a smaller subset of the county) but appeared to be targeted to the entire county.

We hired two different polling companies to poll different subsets of data for those registered to vote but failed to vote. Both firms confirmed that 75% of those surveyed claimed they had in fact voted. Some of them even signed affidavits. The subsequent data we pulled was from not only her supporters but hard core supporters from her opponent as well and from various candidates’ supporters running for public office. We found the same anomaly, people failed to vote but they dedicated hours and hard earned money to their favorite candidates. All the while our local media was running hit piece after hit piece against my crusade for voter integrity. The clerk continued to obfuscate and put up road blocks and refused us access to public records (which we were willing to pay for at our own expense). We finally had to hire a lawyer.

As our attorney began writing letters he was met with the same ridiculous excuses which caused us to give the clerk a warning letter that they were about to be sued if they didn’t comply. In order to dodge liability for their actions, they filed suit with the court first under an obscure Colorado law that if a government agency requests clarifying help from the court to determine what to do, than they wouldn't have to pay our attorney's fees. It was during those long drawn out court hearings that we found out that the Clerk and Recorder had been actively shredding evidence. The clerk illegally shredded poll books and destroyed the audit trail, even though they were required to preserve them by law. We turned in a complaint with the District Attorney for prosecution and he wrote a letter agreeing that the clerk had broken the law. However, he said he would not pursue charges because he felt there was no criminal intent but just incompetence on the clerk's part.

Since that time, I have racked up tons of experience with voter data and started my own company to analyze and help campaigns with targeted voter data. My small company Tactical Data Solutions has been instrumental in many Colorado campaigns. This year, I believe I have uncovered some anomalies and would like to investigate further. However, I am not in a position to fund an attorney and buy all the data I need to buy in order to begin a decent analysis which personally had cost me thousands of dollars in 2002. We expect pushback from our radical left wing Secretary of State - the same Secretary of State that referred Donald Trump for prosecution for voter fraud to our Colorado Attorney General. The same Secretary of State that told the national media to NOT REPORT the election results in order to hide vote anomalies from public view.

Colorado uses the same notorious Dominion Software and voting machines that were used in PA and Georgia. In fact, Dominion Voting is headquartered in Denver Colorado. Colorado is one of only 5 states that participate in the all mail-in ballot process whereby every single registered voter, even if they haven't voted in some time receive a ballot in the mail. There were multiple stories in Colorado how the Secretary of State had mailed voter registration applications to people who had moved years before and some people got registrations sent to their dead relatives.

As this massive all mail-in ballot program has progressed over the years we have seen a correlation with mail-in ballot participation with a total domination by the Democrat Party in Colorado. Currently they hold every single statewide office and dominate the State House and State Senate for single party control. This election they defeated our only Republican Senator in Congress (Cory Gardner) as well. Since that fateful day in 2002 I have refined my methodology in determining anomalies but I cannot personally afford to purchase and rent all the lists I will need to do a decent analysis.

I have already purchased the rejected ballot file and put it to use by contacting a local campaign with some advice on how to fight a very close race by utilizing this file.

This analysis I am proposing will take a few weeks of dedicated time for this project alone and I will need to cover payroll, data costs, and potential attorney letters as we dedicate the time needed to do this analysis.

Will you help us shine the light on Colorado voter integrity and force much needed fair and transparent election reform in Colorado?


Tom Bjorklund
CEO - Tactical Data Solutions, Inc.

PS  Don't let anyone tell you there is no evidence of voter fraud.  I have uncovered it multiple times and I need your help to do it again.


Update #16
December 16, 2020
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I was able to bring my findings to the Colorado Audit Committee.  

You can hear my testimony here at about 20 min mark.

If you want a copy of the report, please email me and I will send you a confidential copy.


Update #15
December 8, 2020
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An audit of Jefferson County Colorado yielded thousands of out of state votrs, dozens of deceased voters and multiple instances of double voting.  Report completed and turned over to the Jefferson County Chair - who turned it over to the District Attorney and will follow up.

Update #14
December 2, 2020
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In a sample of addresses with the most votes, the Air Force Academy ranked #2 Fort Carson is #1. TOWAOC city on the Indian Reservation was the number 3 address for returned ballots in Colorado


Update #13
December 1, 2020
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We have a dozen volunteers combing through the deceased files trying to make actual matches to an obituary.  The SOS deceased file only matched by name and address - that leaves Jr. and Grandpa with the same name appearing to be the same person.  The hand matches take time and I know it is frustrating.  Thank you to all the volunteers for helping.

One of the volunteers subscribed to a geneology website to look up obituaries.  If you have that available to you as well, maybe you can help.



Update #11
December 1, 2020
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Out of about 365,638 households I found 2904 voters who filed change of address with the post office and moved out of state.  

Update #11
December 1, 2020
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Out of about 365,638 households I found 2904 voters who filed change of address with the post office and moved out of state.  

Update #10
November 28, 2020
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Seriously, I have about 17,000 dead people matches.  The quality is from low to high.  A name match for example - especially with a common name isn't so good.  But a name and address match - much better.  Need volunteers to weed through them - I have another 500,000 records to begin matching and reviewing for address changes and matches.  



Update #9
November 27, 2020
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Dear friends,
I have sent over 500,000 records of voters to be compared against the NCOA - National Change of Address Database plus the Death Registry database and the Prison database.
Volunteer Positions:
1. I need someone to research the marriage records to check for name changes. The data will include people that have the same Year of Birth, Same First Name, Same Middle Initial or Middle Name that live at the same address. AND votes were cast by each person (likely the same person). May be a different person - but highly unlikely.
2. I need someone to check for obituaries and death records on a set of deceased individuals. We have the data of hundreds of dead people who may have voted. We need to check the record for obituaries and also make sure the vote cast is by that person and not a different person with the same name and year of birth.
3. I have thousands of people who have moved out of state and voted in Colorado. I will need a couple of volunteers to double check these records.
4. Lastly I will need people to do quality control. That is to double check the research of the folks that did the above research. We want to be double sure that the people we are submitting to law enforcement are likely law breakers. We don't want to waste the time of law enforcement - our report should be very detailed so that all the investigator have to do is confirm our report.
Law enforcement has access to Social Security records (I do not). They also can check the voter registrations against drivers license or other official ID checks - I cannot. So, all people we submit are innocent until proven guilty. However, the cleaner the report, the more likely that law enforcement will listen to us and we need to make it easy for them to be tracked down.
Tom Bjorklund

Update #8
November 25, 2020
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The initial NCOA which I put off till today, is about 10% of the state's voter files.  I estimate the first batch will cost about $850.00.  I'll update you all with the results.


Update #7
November 24, 2020
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I made one referral as a citizen of voter fraud to the 18th Judicial District - District Attorney's office.  Will be making dozens more.  I am sending 300,000 records to NCOA and run against Deceased screens.  Any help you can offer would be great.  Share this with your friends - This project won't be cheap but I am able to try to focus like a lazer on the smallest subset of the 3.2 Million voters that may reveal the most frauds.  Obviously, it would be much better to do the whole file - but the cost of doing this will run into the tens of thousands of dollars.

With your help I am able to defray some of those costs for a more targeted audit.

Thanks again,


Update #6
November 23, 2020
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I bought the latest voter participation file which includes election day votes.  That file is as of 11/14/20 then I ran a simple duplicate query with same first, same middle, same last name, same year of birth, and I got 8802.  My next query is to find if they are at the same address.  
After that I will put it on my NCOA list to compare against the post office move records.  This will cost me a few hundred dollars when I include all the other data I am culling.  I will NCOA a bunch of it all at once this file should be a few hundred thousand records.

Thanks for your support.


Update #5
November 23, 2020
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Did a query of same first name, same household, same year of birth, different voter ID's.  This query will help me identify potential married name vs maiden name where they got two ballots.  I got a bunch and that included dormatories and air force bases.  Makes sense.  I narrowed it down by adding same middle name.  Boom.  That narrowed it down to 8.  If I could afford to match to the married records that would be great.  But this is the poor mans way to get to a similar but less efficient result.

I am so grateful that you are partnering with me to find voter fraud.  I have some definitive fraud that I have uncovered, it isn't huge numbers but I have found multiple instances.


Update #4
November 22, 2020
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11/22/20  Deleting from the duplicate names table the records that did NOT turn in a ballot.  Will rerun the duplicate query to reduce the size from 247,681.

Deleted every record from duplicate list of 247,681 that did not have a return ballot date or an in person date.  Still have 134440 duplicates.

This sample of 134,440 will be part of the list I send in for NCOA.  This is the budget way to do it.  I would have liked to send in the entire participation list to NCOA but we have limited funds.

I did run a quick duplicate query for anyone with the same first, middle, last name and phone number.  I didn't think I would get any because hardly anyone gives their phone numbers to the clerk and recorder vote record.  And I found two people that got ballots.  One guy has a registration as an UAF the other as a DEM.  The guy with the DEM returned both ballots on two different days.



Update #3
November 21, 2020
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Compared a sample of 1036 Obituaries to the voter participation file of 3745542 records and got 67 matches.  We are now going through the matches by hand to compare to obituary dates of death to the voter participation date.  I am double checking to make sure that they aren't just name matches I will also double check other death records by hand.  If we had the funds we could run the whole state participation against the death records index in just a few hours.

Ran a query of voters over the age of 90 (born before 1930) and got 22,623 voter that received a ballot who is also over 90 years old.  Will be double checking to see if they turned in a ballot.

Distribution pattern for YOB:
1899 = 1
1907 = 1
1909 = 1
1910 = 1
1911 = 1
1912 = 8
1913 = 6
1914 = 16
1915 = 28
1916 = 50
1917 = 63
1918 = 138
1919 = 223
1920 = 315
1921 = 531
1922 = 773
1923 = 1136
1924 = 1595
1925 = 2043
1926 = 2689
1927 = 3515
1928 = 4371
1929 = 5118

Getting more obituary data soon.


Update #2
November 20, 2020
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I have uncovered some voter fraud already.  I will be compiling a list soon.  Your donations will help us uncover voter fraud in the state of Colorado and we will be turning these lists over to law enforcement.

Tomorrow I start to match the voter participation file to the data we gleaned from Colorado Obituaries.  

I really want to do the NCOA - which is the best way to catch what I already found.  I can focus on Democrat strongholds like Denver and Boulder for much cheaper then doing the whole state - this is a non-partisan effort, but it seems that most of the fraud comes from one particular party, A bank robber was once asked, "why do you rob banks."  He said, "because that is where the money is."

This effort is non-partisan.  It doesn't matter what party is committing voter fraud, they need to be caught.  However, when you have limited resources you need to focus on where the fraud is most likely to occur.
I only need a few hundred bucks to get that data processed through NCOA (with a much paird down partial list).

I will focus on matching the data we know - by first middle and last name.  Then just NCOA the list of voters who have similar names but voted in two different locations.  NCOA should be able to tell me if they are the same people and I save resources by focusing on the most likely suspects.


Update #1
November 12, 2020
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The all mail-in ballots are the key to total control for Democrats.  This will happen nationwide if we don't roll it back.


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