The cannibus industry is a very difficult industry to navigate, especially when trying to provide services that are truly designed to benefit medical patients who are in real need of high quality and effective medication. We have serviced patients battling cancer to treating more common conditions such as Arthritis or Pain Recovery with high levels of success in improving the life of many individuals.

Now that the commercial sales are flooding the market, we are encountering almost a complete redirection from ensuring the best quality and practices are followed all to get the medication to the people who need it most to now what appears that everyone is in a rush to get the largest quantity out and highest prices for sale, no matter the conditions of the actual products they are selling.. all designed to make the most profit along the way. This has caused the once thriving medical community to suffer major consequences in the form of high taxation as well as heavy regulations (ie limitations on dose potency for edibles), since when is a city offical knowledable about the dose required to treat any aliment?? Edibles and other medical are limited to 10mg per dose. When do you take 10mg of any drug?

Continuing rises in the cost and taxes of medical marijuana has also taken this natural medicine out of the hands of many individual who just cannot afford to maintain proper level of medication needed to treat their conditions.

We are already working to help alleviate this issue by providing everyone with access to all the information, supplies as well as knowledge to grow their own high quality medical grade flowers without the hassle of dealing with poor genetics, maintaining mothers , all while having a wide variety of options at their fingertips, when it comes to their medication preferences everyone should have options, we want to bring these varieties FREE to all of the medical marijuana community, and we need to scale for this to be possible.

Health is a major concern as well, some despensaries accross the state have shown to test positive for many diffrent forms of bacteria and mold that is on their products, even above what is said to be acceptable…

Providing access to the nessecary materials, supplies and genetics all in one place will be the solution to showing how easy and effective it is to make your own medicine at home. If you can grow tomatoes or vegetables, we can show you how easy it is to grow your own medication.

Please also do not confuse our business model with a dispensary, as we are not looking to flowers or extracts, we are working on bringing the knowledge and tools to bring back the medical marijuana community to help create better affordability and accessibility for everyone. We want to get to the point where all of our genetics can be offered for FREE to everyone who’s a medical patient, this is why we need to scale up.

The current situation is medication is expensive, clones and seeds are hard to locate and if you do come across any, it’s very likely the options are limited. Those clones may contain pests and or  diseases, on top of that you cannot be sure if you are even getting what is advertised let alone the highest quality possible. The worst part is all these issues are things that may not become apparent until it’s much to late and your investment has already begun to go to waste…

We continue to offer solutions for these problems including a wide selection of clones, seeds, pollen, and tissue cultures of only the most potent and rare genetics that are tested in-house to make sure the end product will always resemble the expectations of our community.

Support an upcoming business started by local growers in the surrounding Southern California area that have been collecting and working on creating specialized genetic strains for multiple uses.

Over 15 years of research and experience has been combined to created an extensive library of genetics for everything from high level THC and CBD Medicinal varieties , to paper and textile stock, tissue culture protocols for the individual strains , as well as our own proprietary pollen storage procedures that allow use to provide viable quality pollen even if the product takes a few days to reach its final destination.

The business utilizes aeroponics system during the propagation process as well as to maintaining all of the mother stock, we do not dump waste or spend growing material each week, similar to most of the cultivation centers across the state. We also use hybrid Lighting systems taking advantage of modern advances in LED and any energy saving means available.

The cloning station is going to be offering cutting in the form of a rooted rock wool or peat plug , tissue cultures in various stages of micropropagation, as well as feminized and regular seeds for photoperiod and auto flowers. Pollen vials and cutting of males will also be provided to those who wish to create their own genetic lines at home.

The business is looking to move locations into a larger facility , the fund raising will be to cover the costs of obtaining the location, licensing and permitting of the location. Some equipment like additional racks, hyrdroponic systems and packaging will be acquired, however almost all of our existing equipment needs are already fulfilled.