Help Tayna Replace Her Home Furnishings

Tayna is a vacation rental host for a real estate rental company in Cape Coral, Florida, and provides world-class, 5-star service to vacation tenants, always with a smile. She is divorced and is a single Mom to her 5-year old son. Originally from Brazil, she has been in the United States for 7 years. Fluent in several languages, she works very hard to make sure all vacationer’s needs are met. She routinely puts people’s needs above her own, and is always kind, giving, and helpful.  Today, Tayna is in need.

On September 28th, Hurricane Ian made landfall in SW Florida.  Hurricane Ian is the strongest, most devastating hurricane to ever hit the West Coast of Florida. Feeling unsafe in her apartment where she rents, she left with her son to one of the vacation rental homes, that happened to be vacant. By the grace of God, this particular property had hurricane impact windows and an impact garage door. She had the radio on in her car, in the garage, trying to listen over the deafening roar of the wind and destruction outside, as there was no power in the house. She waited and prayed over and over again, as the radio warned of possible storm surge with 15 feet of water that was soon to come. Tayna said that it was the most horrifying experience she has ever seen, but she kept praying over and over again, alone with her 5 year old son. Billions of prayers from all over the world were happening at that time, and God listened. The storm surge came, but the waters stopped just short of the house's foundation. Tayna and her son survived the most horrifying night of their lives.

While Tayna feels blessed to be alive with her son, her apartment did not do as well. As of now, it is still flooded with dirty water and she has been unable to go inside. Every single thing inside- her furniture, clothing for her and her 5 year old boy, appliances, son's toys, books, etc.-  are gone.  She lost everything inside her apartment. 

Still without power or running water, she has been spending time trying to help neighbors, checking on them, and bringing home extra water to share, all after waiting four hours at the gas station. 

I would like to ask for your help in raising some money for Tayna to replace her possessions, as she works to put her and her little boy’s life back together in the coming months.