Support the Taylor's move to Texas

Campaign Created by: Michael Ortiz

The funds from this campaign will be received by Aaron Taylor.

Goal: USD $15,390
Raised: USD $ 15,963

I met the Taylor Family in 2013 when we went through a 1-year discipleship program together in San Diego, CA. I was greatly inspired by their faith to completely uproot themselves from their home state of Colorado to go where God was leading. Toward the end of that year God would call  the Taylor Family to join Him in a long-term mission in the poorest nation in the western hemisphere, Haiti. I had the privilege of joining them on that journey. I saw Jesus often through their generous and selfless service toward many. 2 Corinthians 2:14 says, “Now thanks be to God who always leads us in triumph in Christ, and through us diffuses the fragrance of His knowledge in every place.” The Taylors are living examples of this truth. I invite you to read their story below and to prayerfully consider supporting them in this next leg of their race.
- Mike Ortiz

Dear Friends and Family,

9 years ago was a significant moment for our family. Since then, amidst the travels from Colorado to California, to Haiti, and back, we’ve felt fully convinced to hold everything with an open hand; saying to God that our careers, our homes, our family, and our very lives belong solely to Him.

A little over a year ago, after our time serving at the Rock School of Ministry had come to an end, God started highlighting the thought of moving to us. At first, I resisted it because I had full-time employment with a church and our son was about to begin his sophomore year in high school, while our daughter was entering her freshman year. I was afraid that moving would create instability in their lives, and I would again, feel the reality of being deeply dependent upon God’s supernatural provision for our family.

Around the same time this was happening in our lives, my wife Andrea had a deep desire to “put roots down” after the previous 11 moves we had made in the 18 years of our marriage. During her birthday in 2021, I purchased some wall art for her. The wall art had an aspen tree and said, “Strong Roots Produce Beautiful Leaves.” 

When she saw it, tears began to flow. The aspen trees reminded her of Colorado and the moment we fully surrendered to God’s will for our lives, stepping into the unknown of leaving our friends and family to move to California, where she knew nobody and we had no job lined up. The message on the wall art spoke deeply to her heart, that living in one location is not what necessarily builds beautiful trees, but it’s having strong roots deeply founded in Jesus Christ that will produce this. She surrendered that desire, and was once again, freed up and available to go anywhere the Lord would lead.

Fast forward to December of 2021. The house we are currently renting was sold to another person. This quickly began the reality that our time in our current home (3 years) was coming to an end. We, as a family, began to seek God and ask Him what He wanted, even if that was to leave California. 

God began to make it abundantly clear that our next season would not be in California, but in Texas. This isn’t because of socio-economic issues, or because we’re following the many people who have left CA. We believe God is leading us there. We really don’t have all the details of what we’ll be doing, just the next step. I’ve found that God sometimes gives us the next step to take while withholding the details, and we've learned to be content with that.

We do know the things God has put on our hearts, which are: to serve God collectively as a family, and for us to serve as a part of an equipping school again. 

The costs included above would cover all of our out-of-pocket expenses and would be such a blessing for us in this move! Things like: packing supplies, travel expenses move-in costs, one-time school costs, and the cost of some furniture items that we haven't replaced since returning from Haiti are all included.

Please know that your support means the world to us! We’re so grateful for you and for any way that God moves on your heart to support our family and partner with us in this move, whether by giving, praying, sharing, or all of them. If you’d like to receive updates from this campaign, please click the “follow now” button so we can update you as we hit milestones on the way!

With love,
the Taylor Family

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Update #3
July 22, 2022
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We made it to Texas! Thank you for your prayers and support! The evening we left, we officially passed the 100% mark on our fundraiser for covering the moving costs! Perfect timing. We'll be sending regular future updates via our newsletter. You can email Andrea at and ask her to add you. Or you can go to and send us a message. Doing that will get you added to the newsletter as well. God bless you and thank you again for your generosity.

2 Weeks Left!! Move Update!!
June 16, 2022
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It's getting very real! 2 weeks from today we'll be on the road again.  Thank you for your support and prayers. Here's a quick update:

  • Costs of Moving - Over 50% of our moving costs have been covered. Praise God for His Provision!
  • Housing & School - We put in an application for a house that would meet all of our requests and be in the public school district we feel God leading us to. Please pray for God's favor in the eyes of our landlord, specifically regarding our annual income being sufficient.
  • Moving Truck - Aaron reserved a truck in Phoenix Arizona. The plan is for him and Malachi to fly into Phoenix, pick up the truck and drive back to San Diego. Although this sounds crazy, it saves our family a significant amount of money from renting the truck in San Diego. Please pray that the truck will be available!
  • Increased Hunger for God - God is continuing to show us the value of being in the secret place. Andrea and I are both growing in the area of the willingness to be in uncomfortable environments in order to pursue more of God.

Also, two quick updates about Isaiah. He has been sharing that he's really sad to leave his friends here.  We've been encouraging him that it's okay to be sad and that it's healthy he's feeling this. Pray for us as we help him walk through the variety of emotions he's experiencing. He's the most expressive with emotions among all of our kiddos. Also, Isaiah recently has been sharing about how he wants to share the love of Jesus more. A week or two ago, he was at the park and shared with me when I got home that he got to lead someone to Jesus! It was a little boy that he quickly became friends with and then talked to him about knowing God. He ended up praying for and with him to believe in Jesus! We're so encouraged and often challenged by our kids' faith, praise God!

Update on the move! 5 week count-down
May 28, 2022
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5 weeks from today we'll be arriving in Fort Worth. Our moving costs are 20% of the way covered! We so appreciate your support! Please continue to agree with us in prayer for the house to move into and the school for Malachi and Rachel to go to. We know God has already gone before us to arrange this, we just have not yet gotten clarity on those requests.

Also, a sweet God moment this past week as all the kids had their last week of classes for the year. Rachel has been on live zoom classes for her freshman year and decided on her own to pursue sharing the love of Jesus with each of her teachers and I was so blessed and encourage to be sitting on my couch when I overheard her go in-depth with each teacher, patiently listen and respond with the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  Her quick knowledge of scripture brought me to a humble place as her mom! Each teacher heard His love for them and the gift of eternal life as she planted seeds!!! PRAISE JESUS for her boldness, compassion, and persistent pursuit! Amidst the challenge of public school teachings like evolution, and the day of the dead, we are thankful for Rachel seizing the moment and stepping out in faith to share about Jesus.


  • A House to move into by July 1st and Favor with the Owners
  • God would show us where to place Malachi and Rachel for High School
  • Increased Hunger and Closeness with God for each one of the Taylors