As many of you know, I have been a full-time missionary with the Justice House of Prayer in Washington, DC since finishing high school in 2012. These last four years have been sown gladly serving in the prayer room and in every administrative capacity I could fill. I have had the privilege to pray for America 'on the front lines' through tumultuous election cycles, pro-life legislation activity in Congress, historic Supreme Court rulings and in opposition to the overall spiritual darkness in DC. It has been a time of rapid personal and spiritual growth. I have been able to strenthen who I am in the Lord, grow in confidence, and go deeper in my relationship with Him. These years have been invaluable to me; I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

That said, I am excited to announce that I am embarking on a new chapter! Following a strong and increasing pull from the Lord towards international missions, I have been accepted to the Antioch Center for Training & Sending (ACTS) School of Frontier Missions! The ACTS School works to train young leaders to preach Christ where His name is not yet named and plant gospel-centered churches and places of prayer among the hardest and darkest communities in the earth to further the task of fulfilling the Great Commission as laid out in Matthew 24.

Beginning September 11, I will be moving to Colorado Springs, CO for three months of rigorous teaching, prayer, Biblical study and fasting. That will be followed by two months of international outreach somewhere in the 10/40 Window. My heart for this season is to see hope restored to the hopeless through Jesus Christ and to aid in the establishment of places of prayer and worship to Him in the nations.

I have been blessed to receive a partial scholarship to this program; PRAISE THE LORD. However, I am still responsible for covering my expenses for the outreach phase, arrival/departure from Colorado Springs, food and housing in the Springs, and some basic needs in preparation for the trip totaling $7,000. Friends, please take a moment to ask the Lord if He would have you partner financially with me in this mission and pray for me during my training. I am eager to share this next season with you all!