Tatsuya “Tat” Ishikawa (43) succumbed to injuries from a vehicular accident on July 19, 2022.

A talented chef who was the life of the party, Tat was passionate and never afraid to speak his mind about how he felt the world was: we will never forget his livestreams in the Facebook days!

He referred to all of us as his brothers, and knew that if anything were to happen, we would all be there for him.

Tat was a beautifully complicated man: tough as nails, but kind and gentle at the same time.

He is survived by his father Hiro, sister Mariko, 9 year-old son Jaxson, 7-year old step-daughter Claire who views him as her real father, and fiancé Sara who wishes we leave nothing unsaid with he people we love, always forgive, and remember what can be taken from you in an instant.

Please make a donation to his kids, who are devastated at the moment.