I am going to Taiwan this Summer! I have the awesome privlege of leading a team to Taiwan through the Surge. We will be doing Children and Youth camps, Street Evangelism and Teaching English. We are leaving around June 25 or 26 and getting back around the 27th of July. I am beyond excited to go back to a country where I feel called long-term. 

Over the last year, God has been giving me a heart for this Nation that desparately needs the love of a Father. They are lost, broken, and confused. They have so many different gods that when you tell them about the One true God, they are uncomfortable with that reality. There is a shame based culture and Jesus wants to break that. I am beyond thrilled that Jesus would choose me, a girl from a small town, to go and to allow Him to work through me to touch people's lives. Nothing I do is on my own, but through HIM alone. I can't believe it.

Thank you for all and any donations!!! Every dollar, every penny, is a step towards the goal.