My name is Gabrielle Clark. I fight indoctrination in the K-12 education setting. Both of my school aged children were affected by indoctrination in different ways. One harmed by CRT. One harmed by SEL. So I began to fight back.

My fight started with CRT indoctrination. My son was being discriminated against in his school and we took action. We filed the first federal lawsuit against indoctrination in America. My son was being asked to list his identities and then attach signifiers to those identities. He was asked to list his race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, disabilities, and socioeconomic status. He was then to label those identities as privileged or oppressed. He refused. The school threatened to fail him thereby preventing him from graduating. We sued. They relented. William was allowed to graduate on time with the failing grade expunged. However, the damage had been done. So the case is ongoing.

While I was raising awareness about CRT, my daughter was socially transitioned into thinking she was a boy. I organized a plan to recapture my daughter from the cult of transgenderism. I have devoted all of my time and energy into telling other parents how I got my daughter back. It wasn’t easy. Parents reach out to me for help. I provide them with tools, tactics, and resources to aid them in helping their own children. I also provide information on how to fight back in their schools and communities. I organize and attend speaking events and protests throughout America to speak our for the safety of our children. 

This is a massive undertaking. Our adversaries are very well funded. They have an infrastructure that has been cultivated for decades. We must respond. So I’m asking for you donations to support our cause. The proceeds go towards past legal fees and basic living expenses. This is a hard fight. But we do everything we can to eradicate this social contagion from our society. 

You can see all the details and court filings at