For seventeen years we have worked hard to deliver the Gospel along with food, clothes and education to the poor kids in Payatas. Payatas is one of the poorest areas of the Philippines. Other than a few dedicated Churches and personal supporters, there is no other support. Unlike the U.S. where Churches will band together to build a Church, there is no such help here. Our Church is small and money is limited so we are restricted to paying bills and not too much more.

That is our limitations but now lets talk about our outstanding endeavors.

we supplement children's education and inspire them to achieve high goals which they do. We offer them p100 ($2) for a Report card with all 80's and above-We offer a Jollibee meal for those with 85 and above-We offer a Kenny Rogers meal for those with 90 and above and we offer a Kenny Rogers meal and p1000 ($20) for 95 and above, It works. All of our kids have been improving their grades and collecting the rewards. We also now have nine students in college which are supported by generous donations. These are not low level colleges but the best. Go here to see:

We have taught over fifty young people to play the violin, keyboard, guitar, ukulele,harmonica, accordion, flute, recorders and even beat-box. We also have a drummer.Statistics show that musical people have a 50% chance of graduating college. It also binds them together as loving Christians.

We have youth groups, and men and women fellowships and various excursions. The Church family that plays and prays together, stays together.

If you are led by God to help continue this good work, please donate.

Lastly, know who you are giving to. Tell  us where you are and we will try to find someone who can vouch for us. After being here 17 years, it won't be hard to give you references. Email me :

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