Support Matt Couch's Medical Bills and Daughters

Campaign Created by: Nick Sortor

The funds from this campaign will be received by Matthew Couch.

Goal: USD $200,000
Raised: USD $ 54,065
My good friend @RealMattCouch was just admitted to the ICU around 2am last night in "serious condition."

Matt is a true American patriot and journalist that has proven time and time again he is willing to give up EVERYTHING to support our country. He's an inspiration to me.

Doctors are saying Matt is a "very sick man" and are doing everything they can to combat his symptoms of heart failure, kidney failure, and liver function failure.

As of now, doctors believe he has blood clots scattered all throughout his body, including his right leg, kidney, and even his heart.

There's a VERY real possibility he could lose his leg just below the knee, and he needs your prayers for divine intervention to hopefully prevent that from happening 🙏

Along with your prayers, I want to be able to help his young daughters through this fight, as they're obviously having a very tough time seeing their dad in this condition. Your support will help take care of his daughters while Matt is in the hospital unable to work as well as during his recovery.

If you can spare a few dollars, please consider donating to our campaign. It's appreciate more than you can imagine.

I'm in close contact with Matt and will provide updates as well as on my Twitter (@NickSortor)


Update #18
February 18, 2024
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Matt had two more days of Physical Therapy this past week, and he's slowly learning to put more pressure on his prosthetic leg. It's uncomfortable at time, and sometimes harder than you'd think, but he's grinning and bearing it. 

The key now is to get Matt walking with canes, then to one cane, and then to no cane. Right now he's learning to walk down the parallel bars and only using his left hand. His right leg is the one that was amputated. It's an insane improvement, and thanks to all of you, Matt's going to walk again someday soon. 

This campaign has been up for 9 months, and we're just right at the 25% mark. Let's see if we can get Matt to the 50% mark by Spring, and take some pressure off of him as he supports himself, his two daughters, and his medical bills, etc. 

Thanks for standing by Matt, let's get a true American Patriot walking again! 

Update #17
February 9, 2024
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Therapy on Thursday Feb 8 was pretty brutal for Matt. They made him stand on his prosthetic and put all of his weight on it, doing side kicks, stepping over obstacles, and even using a balance board. Matt did 1100 Steps on the Elliptical in less than 11 minutes, practiced cane walking on the bars as well. Did side to sides on the bars, and even used the medicine ball some going left to right with his physical therapist while not having any hands on the bar to stand. 

Progress is being made, but Matt can't do this without all of us. 

Matt can't go work at DoorDash (he can't walk) Matt can't go work for Chick-fil-a, he can't stand on his own for long periods of time yet. Matt can't go work in Corporate America, because even if he had a desk job, his work on the Seth Rich murder investigations, Las Vegas Shooting, Fast and Furious, and countless other stories he broke caused liberal outlets from Media Matters to Rolling Stone to Buzzfeed to CNN to write hit piece after hit piece on Matt and his family. 

Matt works hard, he puts out hundreds of posts daily on dozens of social media platforms. He does a show 3x per week with David Pollack and Puppet Carlson. He runs one of the fastest growing news sites in America. He owns a faith based apparel brand. Matt isn't near back to 100% to run his own businesses to full capacity. Revert back to he has one leg. He's a single Dad with two daughters (10, 16). 

Let's get Matt back on his feet, his prosthetic alone is going to cost $25,000 and he'll need another one in less than a year that will be nearly $40,000. He has to pay for rides multiple times per week to Physical therapy (because he cannot drive). 

I hope this is truly sinking in for some people. Matt gives so much to so many, can we give for Matt now?

Update #16
February 1, 2024
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updateImage I can't do what I do without all of you. My recovery is ongoing, and I'm so blessed to God above and so many of you amazing Patriots who have prayed for me and stayed with me during the most difficult time of my life. 

I never thought I'd have a leg amputated, it's beyond surreal. But thanks to Jesus, prayers, and many of you, I'm getting through it as best I know how. Drive, Determination, and Perseverance are all I have ever known. Do what they said can't be done. 

I'll never be able to work a normal job, just google my name. Now add to the fact I lost half of my right leg, thank God for so many of you that support my work as an Investigative Journalist, Media Personality, and Political Analyst, without you all I'd be sunk. 

I'm learning to walk all over again as we speak with my new prosthetic. They say I'll need another Prosthetic in about a year or so, it's all part of the process. 

I'm blessed to be alive, blessed to be here with my two daughters, and blessed to have so many amazing people in my life who have stood by me. Thank you all, I can never thank you enough. 

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all of you. 

Love Y'all! 

Update #15
January 28, 2024
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Matt finished Physical Therapy session #10 this past week, and he's super close to moving to learn how to walk with a cane. 

He's currently walking with a walker and his prosthetic. This past week he had two physical therapy sessions where on Wednesday he walked almost 1,000 feet up and down the hall on his walker, did 11 minutes and 1100 steps on the elliptical, did side to sides, and then cane training on the parallel bars as well. 

Matt's making huge progress, but he's learning to walk all over again. He can't go work at Chici-fil-a or work a construction job site. He currently is running his business at The DC Patriot and FaithNFreedoms at about 60-70% of what they once were. Matt needs our help now more than ever. 

Will you stand and support a true American patriot and help him get back on his feet. Matt needs you! 

Update #14
January 17, 2024
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Matt had his 8th Physical Therapy appointment today to learn how to walk again. He's doing well, and they are talking about moving him from the walker to canes very soon. He's a walking miracle.

Matt walked 1200 feet today on his walker, did 12 minutes on the Elliptical, and did several other exercises like side to sides, and march in places. He's making great strides in Physical Therapy with his new prosthetic. He'll also need a new prosthetic in about a year as they wear out, and that will cost him another $40,000+

But he can't do it alone. Everything costs money from people taking him to and from appointments, medications, taking care of his two daughters, his inability to work the same schedule he used to because he had half of his right leg amputated, and his recovery continues. His heart is doing well, but he still needs our help to get back on his feet. 

Help a true American Patriot walk again, we need Matt's voice in this fight for President Trump in 2024 to Save America! 

Update #13
January 7, 2024
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Matt continues to work towards walking again with his prosthetic, doing Physical Therapy at least 2x per week. All of this of course costs money. He doesn't drive yet, so he has to pay folks to take him to and from his appointments, and he of course is limited to working online, since he cannot walk unassisted yet. He's improved so much, and will walk again soon. 

Last Friday he walked over 800 feet on his walker at Physical Therapy, did 12 minutes on the elliptical with over 1100 steps. He also did some side to sides and march in places. When Matt is not at therapy, he's working on congressional campaigns, doing exercises at home, raising his two daughters, and folks EVERYTHING costs money. 

Imagine trying to support your family on one leg, we can help Matt, can't we! Let's get this campaign to the finish line and BEYOND! 

Matt has Therapy again on Monday, say some prayers for him to continue to make great strides and improve daily! 

Update #12
December 22, 2023
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Happy Friday Patriots! 

Matt went to Physical Therapy twice this week, and walked almost 600 feet on Wednesday's session, as well as did side to side, the old school dipsy doodles that you used to do back in the day in sports and drills. He said those were very tough, but progress is being made. 

Matt even left his wheelchair at home for his trips to two appointments this week, and walked in with his walker from the car, an unbelievable site! 

They are hoping that Matt will go to two canes very soon, and then transition to walking again with one cane, and then eventually on his own. His progress is an absolute miracle. But he cannot get better without our help. 

Please this Christmas Holiday season find it in your hearts to help get Matt in the right direction. It's very hard to work, raise two daughters, pay the bills, and provide while having a leg amputated, along with multiple heart procedures. Thankfully Matt's heart has made a full recovery, and he's on the mend. But imagine trying to do all of that and pay your bills with no help? 

Merry Christmas America, we love you all! 

Update #11
December 18, 2023
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Big day today for Matt as he started his third day of Physical Therapy. Matt also had a follow up with his Prosthetic Doctor today as well. A long day for Matt, 3 hours of putting in work. Matt also made a payment of $5,000 towards his prosthetic leg today, thankfully they are letting him pay this off. The grand total for his first leg is $25,000. He will need a new leg in a year to 18 months as well, as the legs wear out after usage. 

Matt walked 1200 feet with his new leg on a walker today during Physical Therapy. He also did 12 minutes on the Elliptical today and over 1,000 steps! 

Your support now means more than anything to Matt, and we need to really get this campaign up and beyond the 100% mark so that Matt and his two daughters can live a normal life. Imagine trying to run your day to day life and businesses/work with half a leg missing and multiple heart procedures. 

Matt's heart is healthy, Thank the good Lord for that. He doesn't have to go back to his cardiologist until July, which means his heart is doing amazing! Let's get Matt across the finish line!

Update #10
December 6, 2023
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Some amazing news on Matt's road to recovery. 

Matt's heart Ejection Fraction is now at 55%, that of a well conditioned athlete, God is so good, and he has some amazing Christian doctors who have got him on the mend. 

Matt also started Physical Therapy with his prosthetic leg for the first time on Monday, and is learning to walk again for the first time in almost 5 months. Your support is needed now more than ever. Matt still has a long way to go. He will need a modified vehicle to drive, Physical Therapy, additional prosthetic legs as he learns to walk and wears them out. This is a process, and he's up for the challenge. 

Matt did 11 minutes on the elliptical Monday with his prosthetic leg, this is truly God's blessing! Thank you all for your continued support. Let's get a true American Patriot back on his feet. $1, $3, $5, $10, $50 anything helps! 

Update #9
November 28, 2023
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Hey All! Matt's getting so much better and the night before Thanksgiving received some amazing news! His Ejection Fracture on his heart (strength and health of the heart) went up to 55%, that of a well conditioned athlete! Isn't God so so good! 

Matt starts his journey to walk again on December 1, and starts Physical Therapy to learn to walk with his new prosthetic leg, and with that of course comes more costs. can you help us get over the 50% mark and beyond so that Matt can get back on his feet. 

We're going to need him and his voice to win in 2024 for America and President Trump. 

We Love Y'all! 

Update #8
November 16, 2023
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Matt stood for the first time on his new prosthetic leg on Wednesday November 15, and was able to make the down payment on it. There's so much more in his journey, he will need Physical Therapy to learn to walk again with his new leg, and everything unfortunately is not cheap as many of you know. 

Thanks to all of you, we've hit the 47% mark of this funding campaign, but I'd like to do so much more for Matt. He's given to so many of us, and helped so many of us, we can now do the same for him in return! 

God is so good, what an amazing first step of many in the process for Matt. 

Matt is also the owner of The DC Patriot and FaithNFreedoms, and hasn't been able to work his two businesses like he used to since his injury, and is looking to get back to that. With your help, Matt is getting back on his feet, working towards getting back to some normalcy after losing his right leg, and having multiple heart procedures, and rising back up. 

The most amazing thing to me is Matt's Faith. He continues to stay strong, positive, loving, and is helping folks every day on social media, as well as fighting for our elections and President Trump in 2024. Support a true Patriot and help Matt get back on his feet, and back on the campaign trail today! 

Update #7
November 12, 2023
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Happy Sunday Everyone! 

As the Christmas Season approaches, we're trying to cushion the on Matt and help him get his new leg. We need to get to the 50% mark of our campaign to do that, and we're almost to the 42% mark! But let's do better than that, let's not only get Matt his new leg, let's make sure he's able to have a memorable Christmas for he and his two daughters. 

Working with half a leg missing isn't the easiest of tasks, but Matt still manages to keep up with things on social media, do his daily show, run and He still hasn't fully recovered from his surgeries and amputation, so let's get him far enough ahead that he can heal up nicely, we're going to need him in 2024 in the race for The White House. 

We Love You All, Thank You and let's get to that 50% Mark by Wednesday November 15th! If you can't donate, please share it. Prayers are always welcomed as well. God is so Good! 

Update #6
October 31, 2023
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We hit the 30% mark of the campaign, and we're pushing hard to get to the 50% mark by Midnight on Nov 1. Please Please Please share the campaign and let's help Matt get his prosthetic leg, and provide an excellent next couple of month for his two daughters. He fights so hard for America and all of us, let's do the same for him right now and get him back on his feet! 

Update #5
October 29, 2023
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Happy Sunday America! We're pushing very your Sunday to help Matt get to $50,000 by November 1st, its' a lofty goal, but we need to help him get there. We need to get Matt walking again, and get his prosthetic leg! Matt will be out and about helping campaigns all over America and we're 13 months away from an election year. He's also got two daughters he supports, and works full time to save America. Your donations help Matt in all of these aspects of his life. He's blessed and lucky to be alive, let's help this Patriot get back on his feet! 

Update #4
October 23, 2023
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Good Morning Patriots! 

Matt needs to raise about $50K by November 1st  in order to reach his goal to pay for his prosthetic and have a few other of his mounting medical bills that are important taken care of. Matt's fought for the truth since 2016, sacrificing it all with investigation into Fast & Furious, Seth Rich's still unsolved murder, The Las Vegas Shooting, and has broken DOZENS of stories over the years in the pursuit of the truth. 

If you can't donate, PLEASE SHARE.. Sharing is almost better than donating, because you spread our message of getting Matt back on his feet. Help us get this campaign to $50K and the halfway point! 

He loves you all, thank you for your continued support. 

Update #3
October 19, 2023
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Matt just finished with his prosthetic appointment and should be able to get his prosthetic in about three weeks when its' ready. Unfortunately the cost is around $27,000. Now is the time to help a true American Patriot literally get on his feet again. Anything helps. $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $25, $50, $100.. Anything helps Matt get back on his feet more and more! 

Matt also has nearly $70,000 in medical bills from the Tulsa Heart Ablation surgery. (Yes, more bills came in, it's insane what he's dealing with.) So we need your help. He has almost 700,000 on Twitter alone, Millions overall.. If just 1% donated a few bucks each, you'd get Matt back and moving! Let's do this! 

Update #2
September 29, 2023
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Matt Had Ablation surgery in Tulsa in early September and his heart is out of Afib, but that left him with about a $55,000 medical bill. Matt's leg is now healed as of Friday September 29th, he just got the news from the doctor. His prosthetic will cost around $20,000. 

He's making amazing progress, anything you can do helps. He loves you all. Now is your chance to literally help an American Patriot get back on his feet again. 

God Bless

Update #1
August 19, 2023
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Matt lost his right leg right at the knee due to blood clots from Afib, but he is home and doing recovery and rehab. He has a long way to go, but is in good spirits and back working hard to raise his two daughters and to fight for the truth in everything he does. 

Thanks for all of your support, there's a long road ahead, but Matt is a beacon of hope and positivity. Please continue to share this far and wide. 


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