Hello! I am SUPER excited to start this next year volunteering for Catch The Fire London and part of that is receiving teaching, training and hands on ministry opportunities to help grow into who God has made me to be. 
I have spent the last couple of months getting a feel for what it will be like and have already learnt lots, been stretched and been stepping outside my comfort zone more!

My dreams this year are to be involved in:
Studying the bible/being taught and attending bible studies
Supporting and leading our kids and youth ministry 
Attending our mums and tots group, getting to know our local community and bringing Jesus into it.
The Kenyan Children's Project - volunteering time in their offices in London (with the plan to go on their mission trip in March)
Serving at conferences that our church attends or runs throughout the year

This year I would love to focus on my foundations, why I believe what I believe, studying the bible in more depth and partnering with the churches value that each person in the community be set free from hurts and pains from life that hinder and hold them back from being all that God has called them to be. Not only do they see that freedom but individuals start to understand the identity and the call of God on their lives. I feel this is super beneficial before I spend time across seas (which is the plan in the near future!) I definitely have a heart for mission, specifically vulnerable children and young adults bringing back identity in those who are lost! I have been given the opportunity to grow within CTF in these areas and see it as the best place for me to grow in this ministry and then hopefully take this training across the seas on mission at a later date. I am wanting to strengthen my biblical knowledge and my ability to tell people about the truth of the bible and show them the love of God through my knowledge. So Tom and Abi Allsop, lead pastors, have kindly agreed to help me grow in this area by teaching me how to study the bible, learn how to gather information and how to prepare sermons ect. The best part of this is that I can actively start putting this to practice...at chalk hill, fire kids and youth.
Along side that I will be giving some of my time to help the Kenyan Children's Project (KCP) that our church is apart of and hope to go on their Mission Trip in March! Here is a link to their website https://www.thekcp.org If you want to find out more about their charity, they do alot of different things, of which include working with the widows in Kenya, bringing empowerment and restoration, supporting families, building safe, comfortable homes and teaching them how to parent, love their kids and giving them the tools so they can support themselves financially.  I'm really looking forward to getting more involved! 
I will also be attending the chalkhill mums and tots group we run every week, building relationships with the mums, a lot of them who's English is not their first language and so community for them is really important. 
I am always being given opportunities to step outside my comfort zone and I know CTF is a safe place for me to grow and learn and be taught. I believe in their values and feel so grateful for the support and teaching I am being given! 

Bit of background:
I grew up in Winchester with my parents and sister, been a Christian ever since I can remember but it felt my faith was ignited ever since CTF came to my home church two years ago. It felt like God picked me up and put me on a whole new path, revealing so much more of his nature and character and I never knew how much depth there was until I was challenged to go deeper. Something came alive in me that weekend and I have been on one exciting adventure with God and the church ever since! I often describe it as a fast flowing river that I'm lying back on allowing myself to be taken down stream, sometimes a little faster than I would like but I've realised that I'm able to do more things than i imagined, not by striving but my saying yes and allowing the river to take me. I had created a nice comfy seat in my box, I had limited myself due to anxiety and low self worth but God had a bigger plan, he saw my life outside the box and has been slowly taking away the limitations I had put on myself. 

My dream for this next year is to give my all to training and being equipped, I may be working a day a week but I want to be able to give as much as my time, in this season, to what the church is offering me, I feel so grateful for this opportunity and would LOVE it if any of you wonderful people would like to partner with me in what God is calling me to do.

What I need help with...
So amazingly I have been able to gather enough funds to cover most of my rent so what is left is:
Bills/Council tax
Travel costs
Funds for the mission trip in March 
Extra general living costs

So If you would like to support me there are two ways, either a monthly donation or a one off donation, both so appreciated!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and please take your time, ask God what is right for you and know your prayers would be gratefully received! 

Much love 

Jaz x