Hello my name is Janine and I am 34 yrs old. The video you just viewed probably disturbed you very much. 
First I want to let you know about my own personal trauma which connected me with this child immediately and helped push myself to come forward. I was a victim of sexual assult at 13 years old and for many years I was also a victim of human trafficking.  
When I was rescued I promised myself I would devote my life to help others from becoming a victim of any kind.
I spent two years at Christian program based on helping victims/survivors of human trafficking.
During those 2 years I started to regain my own self worth, also developed a passion to help addicts, victims/survivors of sexual assult, domestic violence and human trafficking. 
Today as a case manager at a non-profit I see many victims/survivors. Because of my own life experiences and training I see how much damage this can cause on people in our own backyard. 
Although this video was not part of a work related case, the red flags were alarming. I knew that this child was in danger. 
My relationship with the person that was discussed in the video was not a pretty one. But never ever in the last 10yrs would I have anticipated I would be a witness of this situation.  
The first action I took was to bring this to law enforcement. And I did. I was not taken seriously and was brushed off by 3 different agencies. One personally hurt the most Washington TWP Police Department in South Jersey. Even though this is about a child and my own being mentioned.
The next step was to bring this to Project Veritas.  This was not easy to make public for fear of being judged on my history. But if it prevents a child to endure any trauma I would do it again. 
A portion of the proceeds will be donated to a non-profit called Center for Family Services located in South Jersey who are blessed to be able to provide services to domestic violence, sexual assault & human trafficking victims through donations. 
Another portion will go to my 15 yr old daughters college fund.
Also a portion will be able to help me have the ability to over come the financial damage caused by the years I was being trafficked.
I want to thank all the people who prayed for the people affected by this disturbing situation. 
Respectfully,  Janine

 I just wanted to thank every single person who has sent me a  Prayer or donation.. I feel so blessed and I and I can not thank all of you enough.  My daughter thanks each and every one of you For partial donations going towards her college fund. You have filled my heart with such love and I just wanted to thank you!