I am the father of one child ( daughter ) with two very rambunctious fraternal twin boys with slight learning disabilities.

Jessica, my daughter was working full time in home health care until last September 2022 when the local social service department notified her that they had her twins as the father had absconded with them 4 years ago with no trace of them. This created a hugh situation to resolve with her working out of town several days per week. This left her with limited access to work close to her home out in the county of Perquimans in NC. Over the past year her 50yr old 1974 trailer is falling apart and either needs major repairs of $15000 or to completely replace this trailer with a small modular home for her and her fraternal twin boys. I raised Jessica as a single man when she was 8 yo till 18yo when she decided to go out on her own. Three yrs ago she put money together to purchase this 50 year old trailer & has lived there since. I am the oldest child of 6 and I know the feeling of wanting to be independent from the "eyes & hears" of concerned parents as I did but i am a strong independent 73 yo man who understands her need for independence. So I am here seeking those who have daughters, single trying to raise young twins too far from me to be there much but I can hire people to repair, remodel, replace items that will make her first home more safe & comfortable for her & twins. Trailer is 822 sq. ft. & i do not mind showing pictures of the place. Please LOOK at this trailer and tell me you would want your child & grandchildren living in this place. It leaks and has mold so PLEASE consider a donation to the welfare o these three precious human beings that are GOD'S children.


A Father & Grandfather