I am a family friend of the O'Boyle's. This is a critical time for us as Americans and Christians to stand by those who are fighting for our freedom and the rule of law. Garret O'Boyle has been a man of integrity, faith, and courage in the face of persecution from the FBI.

I am asking for donations for the O'Boyle family because:

* Garret has made the hard right decision to stand by "We the People" and the US Constitution.

* The FBI is punishing him and his family for refusing to break the law by following FBI orders and also for doing the courageous work of a whistleblower.

* The FBI suspended Garret without pay while at the same time prohibiting him from getting full-time work to support his family.

Agent O'Boyle was given a new assignment in September of 2022 in Virginia. He was stationed in Wichita, Kansas at the time so he and his wife sold their home in August, lived in an Airbnb for a few weeks during the time their baby was born, then in an RV for six more weeks before finding rental property in which to live. Garret then reported to his new assignment in VA on September 26, 2022. The FBI waited until that time to suspend him; he was escorted out and suspended without pay. They intended to close on a home shortly thereafter, which of course fell through as well.

Because Garret is still an employee of the FBI, they have prohibited him from earning wages that are more than $7,500 a year. They did not allow him to get everything they owned out of storage in VA for six weeks. Garret's family, now with four young daughters, were living out of suitcases for those six weeks without proper clothing for the weather or even toys for their children.

There was a false allegation made against Garret that directly related to one of his protected disclosures that the FBI then used as the weaponization tactic to suspend him. Garret followed federal whistleblower law, nonetheless, the FBI still suspended him.

Please pray for provision and continued protection for the O'Boyle family and please consider giving to them through this platform to show support and care as Garret reveals details for the weaponization of the government's FBI against the American people. 99% of the funds will go directly to Garret O'Boyle, 1% will be donated to keep GiveSendGo a free platform.

"Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them." Ephesians 5:11