Amos Miller Under Attack AGAIN

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The funds from this campaign will be received by Ellen Dodrill.

Goal: USD $350,000
Raised: USD $ 227,161

Amos Miller's Amish farm in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, was raided on January 4, 2024. Under the watchful eye of Pennsylvania State Troopers, and the backing of a search warrant, agents of the state entered Amos' property, spent hours inside his buildings, and then hauled off some of his products. Many of the remaining products they are forbidding Amos from selling, effectively putting his entire operation in jeopardy. As Amos fights this injustice, he needs to keep paying his employees and supporting the small farms that rely on Amos to sell their natural products. If you would like to help keep Amos in business and help with the legal costs, please consider a donation.

Also, if you live in Pennsylvania, please contact your State Representative and State Senator and ask them to pressure Dept. of Ag Secretary Russell Redding to rescind the food detainment order. If you are outside Pennsylvania, please consider contacting Redding directly (

For more on Amos Miller, visit:

About the Fundraiser Organizer

Chris Hume is the managing editor of The Lancaster Patriot, a news and commentary outlet based in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Chris has been helping increase coverage of Amos Miller's quest for food freedom since 2022. To watch The Lancaster Patriot's mini-documentary on Amos Miller, produced in 2022, click here:

Ellen Dodrill, with Barnes Law, is helping ensure the money is transferred to Amos Miller.


Hearing Date Set for Civil Lawsuit Against Amos Miller (Feb. 29)
January 31, 2024
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A hearing for a civil lawsuit filed against Amos Miller has been set for February 29th, 1:30 PM before Judge Sponaugle in the Lancaster County Court of Common Pleas, 50 North Duke Street, Lancaster PA. Supporters are welcome to attend. (Should this date change, an update will be posted.)

Amos recently released a statement to his members. It reads as follows:

Dear Members,

Below is a list of our currently available products, including pork, beef, water buffalo, seafood, baked goods, and vegetables. We appreciate all who continue to order from us, to help our farm stay afloat financially during this difficult time.

It has been a challenging month here at the farm. We are currently not allowed to sell any raw dairy products, and it breaks our hearts that the state of Pennsylvania is forcing us to turn so many of you away when you beg us for the food you depend on for your health. This ruling was put in place before our attorney, Robert Barnes, was permitted to make any argument or statement on our behalf. We hope and pray that he will be able to show the Court the truth and that we will be able to supply your needs again.

Click here to watch Robert Barnes' public statement about the fight to save our farm.

The hearing in our case is scheduled for February 29th, 1:30 PM before Judge Sponaugle in the Lancaster County Court of Common Pleas, 50 North Duke Street, Lancaster PA. We invite you all to attend and show your support.

Defending against this injunction is going to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars with multiple attorneys and legal researchers. If you would like to help support our legal case and keep the farm from going under financially during this injunction, please consider donating to this fundraiser:

Thank you all for your prayers and support -

With gratitude,

Amos, Beckie, and everyone at Miller’s Organic Farm


To watch a brief update from The Lancaster Patriot, click here:

Please keep sharing the fundraiser as the challenges facing Amos and his family are mounting as the state seeks to destroy food freedom, not just for Amos, but for all of us.

Vote in Local Poll to Show Support for Amos Miller
January 29, 2024
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A local newspaper is running a poll about Amos Miller. We do not know how long this poll will run, so be sure to vote for it while it is still up. Use the following link (if the poll is still active, it will be the first question):

For more on this poll, check out the video update on the fundraiser just released here:

State Doubles Down on Amos Miller and Food Freedom
January 20, 2024
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First of all, THANK YOU all for your support and encouragement of Amos and his staff at Miller's Organic Farm. This fight for food freedom cannot continue without you! 

The state of Pennsylvania is doubling down on Amos and going after our freedom to make our own food choices. The detainment order has been extended and, in addition to that, Amos has been told he cannot sell any dairy products. Here is a portion of a statement from Amos and the farm:

"Dear Members, We have received a letter from the State of Pennsylvania demanding that we stop providing our members with raw milk products. We disagree with their right to demand this, and our legal team is working aggressively to resolve this situation...This is going to take a significant toll on our farm financially...We thank you for your continued support, and for being a valued member of our farm! With gratitude, Amos and Becky and everyone at Miller's Organic Farm"

To read more about this development, visit:

Due to these new challenges from the state, the goal of the fundraiser has been increased. Thank you for your continued support!

State EXTENDS Detention Order
January 12, 2024
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Yesterday, the state of Pennsylvania extended the detention order on a large portion of Amos Miller's food, continuing their quest to put him out of business for his refusal to submit to BIG FOOD control. Robert Barnes continues to fight for Amos. Thank you all for your support! Please keep the pressure on the elected officials; call on them to stand firm in the face of tyranny.

Rep. Dave Zimmerman (R) in Lancaster County (not far from Amos Miller's farm) has previously claimed to be about liberty and freedom but is now REFUSING to stand with Amos Miller. Call Rep. Zimmerman's office at 717-556-0031 and urge him to stand with Amos.

More updates to come soon.


Video update on extension of detention order:

Video analysis of Rep. Zimmerman's failure to challenge Sec. Redding on the detention order of Amos Miller's food:

Pa. Farm Show Starts Tomorrow, Contact Pennsylvania Secretary of Agriculture Russell Redding to Help Amos Miller!
January 5, 2024
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How ironic that two days after Amos Miller is raided, the Pennsylvania Farm Show will take place in Harrisburg. The Secretary of the State Department of Agriculture, Russell Redding, will be there in Harrisburg, ostensibly celebrating our state's farmers. Meanwhile, Amos Miller's business and the livelihood of his employees is threatened by Redding's department.

Voice messages can be left for Secretary Russell Redding of the Pa. Dept. of Agriculture at (717) 787-4737. We ask you to respectfully urge Secretary Redding to cease the harassment of Amos Miller and allow people the freedom to make their own food choices. (For more info, visit

Amos is encouraged by the incredible support of his customers and other supporters. Keep spreading the word far and wide!

Statement from Robert Barnes Released!
January 4, 2024
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Miller’s attorney, Robert Barnes, released the following statement just hours after the search was conducted:

“Today, the Department of Agriculture of the State of Pennsylvania suddenly came, without notice, raided Amos’ farm, and detained everything Amos had in the farm’s freezer. They did so in a lawless manner, without appropriate authority, in violation of their own rules and regulations, despite never objecting to the prior resolutions reached with the federal government, and despite a complete failure by the state to even reach out to Amos’ known counsel, Robert Barnes. The state’s own rules require advance notice, reasonable time frames for inspections, and a showing of credentials, none of which occurred here. Instead, the state unlawfully obtained a search warrant, based on materially false statements in an affidavit by a high-ranking state official in an agency with a known grievance against independent farmers like Amos, and, after the raid and finding no evidence of wrongdoing, then illegally ordered detained every item of food in one of Amos Miller’s coolers, including buffalo meat not even subject to federal regulation. The detention order is patently illegal under Pennsylvania law. Despite the constant harassment, Amos will continue to do all he legally can to provide the food his members deeply need. Amos thanks you for your continued support at this critical time for food freedom in America.”

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