Together we can support Carl as he tackles chronic disease!
Your support to continue is needed now, and every penny helps!
Because currently, he is a leader with vision beyond his means!

Carl's Persistence and Dedication
It begins with his goal to enter medical school to better understand the human body, mainly to improve endurance and strength. That was many years ago when being a competitive athlete was his priority... so much life has happened since, with many diversions. Yet, he is still persistent, and many years later, the study of medicine continues (now halfway through second year!).

The primary reason for his pursuit to be licensed is to officially help others reverse chronic disease, slow or change the shocking trend of illness, and to solve health-related problems… including chronic inflammation and autoimmune diseases... yet at this stage of age and awareness, the reasons go much further…

The hospital photo of Carl is from his experience in the neuro ICU. Impressively dedicated, it is him listening to a medical school lecture after adverse symptoms related to a sudden and unexplained dangerous rise in blood pressure.

Multiple investigative scans and tests found no cause... coincidently, it occurred after two jabs from (now known) "bad batches" of the COVID vaccine… thanking the Lord all is OK, Carl's calling continues... yet now, with more drive to expose needed truth in healthcare! His "clinical" experience offered valuable insights from the patient's perspective. The irony is that he was studying first-year cardiovascular physiology!

As you can imagine, his educational journey is extensive, and together, we have pursued several relevant graduate degrees and professional achievements foundational to chronic disease prevention and improving public health. In addition, together, we have launched Future Me Healthy, Corporation, which is part of a calling to awaken and mobilize people to provide open healthcare strategies, research, and scientific rigor to speak truth to power.

Although all the research undertaken will optimize health and improve quality of life for all ages, the initial focus is to help those experiencing age-related symptoms. Whether experiencing menopause, cognitive impairment, or other chronic diseases (as they are all interrelated), we will be able to provide the insights to help reduce or even reverse the cause of many conditions. The self-healing ability (gift) within our bodies is truly remarkable when given a chance!

Support and Prayer Request
Despite scholarships from St. George's University School of Medicine, the cost of finishing is an incredible amount… many personal sacrifices have been made... and at this point, everything saved has been invested into funding Carl's education.

With all available credit utilized and borrowing from family limited… with the costs approaching astronomical levels, all personal resources are exhausted. It is a humbling and challenging request, but we need financial help from friends and those recognizing the importance of his journey, the "just cause" to continue.

Any contribution will alleviate some challenges and go a long way... and all are sincerely appreciated!

However, if you're unable to help financially, please submit a prayer for his journey and God's provision.

With Blessings,
Karen Rogers