I have worked in government defense and have also been a licensed real estate agent. When I worked in government, I worked in areas of law enforcement and national security. I apologize to the GiveSendGo Community for the following lines of language, but I am VERY ANGRY ABOUT FACEBOOK! For the past several years, some MF'g POS *ss moderator at FB has been viewpoint discriminating against me, accosting me and harassing my FB account. Every so many weeks, I am arbitrarily banned FOR NO LEGITIMATE FCKNG REASON.

I own a business of my own, www.empirestatemoney.com and am a real estate investor. I am going to teach Facebook a lesson for all the times it banned me during holidays and other times of the year when I was unable to keep in touch with relatives via social media. Facebook is a cocky, presumptuous, condescending platform that thinks it is immune from the ACTUAL LAW of THE LAND. I have worked in forensic investigations at the national level and can clearly proove to the public and courts that one or more FB moderators have tampered with my account and that I am arbitrarily banned on a regular basis. Today, after weeks of being banned, I was supposed to be un-banned within 12 hour approximately. So, I posted a link to a HARMLESS music video on YouTube, which I have posted on my page MANY TIMES over the years, and all of a sudden, Youtube flags that video as "DANGEROUS" blah blah blah. It's a fckng goddamn HARMLESS HipHop/Rap music video. So now, I am banned from FB, for 59 more days. Also, FB mods have my account rigged so that none of my appeals can process. I will find a top attorney+make sure that FB is taught a lesson about discrimination. I will start a movement of millions and we will sue Facebook and open the door for OTHERS to do the same. Again, this video has been posted on FB many times. I executive produced it. It is HARMLESS. But today, a moderator/hater at FB company decided I should be banned for 59 more days FOR NO REAL FCKING REASON! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=670QfSNEF30 #PugetSoundHounds I was also banned for questioning the war in Ukraine.

Every time I post something that condemns a foreign dictator, I am banned from Facebook and cannot connect with friends, family and colleagues for weeks if not months. 

Mark Zuckerberg is a complete and TOTAL un-American POS! He lies and schemes and play games with the American People! He is NOT, NOT ... NOT a patriot! He is a TOTAL MARXIST brown-nosing COMMIE SELLOUT who laughs in our faces.

I have all the empirical data, proof and evidence that Facebook is rigged against Conservatives like you and me. I have worked as a civilian contractor to U.S. intelligence (3-letter agencies).

I want to take Facebook to court and hire TOP attorneys. I want for all this data to become public in which to expose Mark Zuckerberg for who he really, truly is which is a communist, Marxist, un-American HATER!

Next, I have started a small movement on Quora and have had 1.5 Million + 20 additional million views of content when I called out Mark Zuckerberg publicly in regard to his deception. I made a statement about how when you go to appeal being banned on Facebook, a lot of times, the appeal won't even process and have screenshots as proof. The system is FULLY RIGGED! 

Also, I started a Web site of my own that I want to convert/transform/morph into a freedom of speech Web site where fellow Conservatives can congregate without fear of being banned/shadow banned/restricted. Parler was supposed to be a solution for us Conservatives, but even Parler has been infiltrated by the left, where shadow banning is taking place. Yes, if you did not know and were unaware, even Parler is now infiltrated. Viewpoint discrimination is happening across the board e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok (Chinese Commies / CCP / PLA), Meta, YouTube, etc. 

WE NEED OUR OWN SITE FOR REAL, TRUE, FREE SPEECH AND FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION! I would like to help build that for us. www.empirestatemoney.com is my company and can be converted into such a platform with some financial backing from our Conservative community.

Mark's un-American company Facebook ie Faceban needs to be taught a legal lesson by the courts. Let's sue Facebook left and right for all the evil it has done and let's create our own platform.

In advance of those who do ultimately donate, I truly thank you!