Our mission is to create powerful documentaries, interviews, evidence reports, web articles and emails, that break through the monopoly of the media, and wake up millions of people worldwide. Once people know what is really happening in our world, they start resisting instead of complying. Please help us build this new media platform that will bring truth to the world, liberate the people, resist world tyranny, and begin to build a better world.

Together we can bring a blazing light in the darkness, that will change the course of history.

David and Renate Sorensen
Hope for Humanity, PMA

What your donation will be used for:

- Make high quality documentaries to open the eyes of millions worldwide, so they can escape the nefarious agenda of the wicked, and become empowered to help build a better world. (Cost per documentary 50,000 USD)

- Professionally translate our documentaries, reports, articles, emails and flyers so we can reach many more people all over the world. Automated translations don’t work for videos, emails, flyers, and PDF reports. (Cost per full language conversion of all material 10-15k USD)

- Pay investigative reporters that uncover critical information, that must be revealed to the world. (Cost per project 5 - 10k USD)

- Keep StopWorldControl.com online on a dedicated server that is capable of processing the large number of visitors (Monthly cost 1,800 USD). 

- Maintain the mailinglist that sends out millions of emails per month. (Monthly cost 1,700 USD). 

- Pay several freelancers that help build and maintain the website and mailinglist. (Monthly cost 2,000 USD).