Documentary & Lawsuit: Gender Ideology & Secrecy

Campaign Created by: Erin Lee

The funds from this campaign will be received by Erin Lee.

Goal: USD $10,000
Raised: USD $ 8,206

In May of 2021, my little girl was lured by a trusted 6th grade teacher into a confidential Gender & Sexuality Alliance meeting disguised as “Art Club.” In this meeting, an external presenter told my child “if you’re not fully comfortable in your female body, that means you’re transgender.” She discussed who the kids are sexually attracted to, polyamory and suicide. She told the kids that families aren’t safe and it’s ok to lie to their parents about her meetings. She encouraged the kids to privately “friend” her on Discord. She promoted medialization for gender dysphoria and encouraged my child to pursue puberty blockers without my knowledge.

The school collaborated with this external organization for children (Skittles/Splash - that starts at age 5) to steal my incredibly vulnerable little girl’s innocence and cause rapid onset gender confusion. And when I found out and objected to the abuse? This external party colluded with the school board to “remove parents as barriers” and with school administration to call CPS on my family for a well-child check.

The horrific effects of this incident on my child and family have been tremendous. Since taking our story public, many other families have come forward with similar stories. But most are afraid to publicly share the sensitive mental health crises and abuse of their young children. They are reluctant to endure the hate & doubt that is thrown at any parent who speaks up.

I want to provide a voice for so many families like ours who are enduring this and will endure this nightmare. I want to help others understand what is actually happening in our schools and what they can do to protect their own family & stand up to this evil agenda that is growing stronger and targeting our children.

I am working with a renowned documentary filmmaker to expose our family’s story, the damage gender ideology in our schools is causing children everywhere, give insight on how to overcome this nightmare, and provide knowledge & advice from a number of experts. Estimated production costs are $10,000. We are so grateful for anyone’s willingness to give to this cause – to help tell this important story and provide others with valuable information and advice on this topic.

Sometimes God calls on us to endure difficult things and be a light in a dark situation. This documentary will be an incredible light against a dark scheme aimed at our children. We can overcome this agenda to sexualize and gender confuse our children. But first we have to expose it!

***We have reached our initial documentary goal! Any additional funds raised will support our federal lawsuit against the school district.***


Update #1
August 11, 2023
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To everyone who has graciously given to my efforts, THANK YOU! I feel your prayers and am immensely grateful for your kind and generous giving to help us expose gender ideology in schools!! 

Thanks to you all and other engaged Believers through Winsome Ministries, we have met our initial $10,000 goal for this film project! We are wrapping up filming, working hard on the editing process and are still slated for 2023 release. Your continued support and prayers for the filmmaker are appreciated! 

My family carries on with speaking out to inform & protect others. We are also full-steam ahead with a federal lawsuit and have been committed to assuming all the costs associated with this case ourselves. But as costs pile up, we realize we can’t do it alone. We’re fighting this legal battle for ALL parents, to protect ALL children, to protect ALL Americans’ inalienable rights to raise their own children. 

If you feel compelled to share our fundraiser or just pray for us that our legal efforts continue on as God plans, we can’t thank you enough! Thank you, All, for blessing us with your support. 


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