PACT Is Fighting Critical Race Theory

Our approach has proven successful.  


Parents Against Critical Theory (PACT) is a grassroots advocacy and outreach

organization that is adamantly opposed to Critical Race Theory (CRT) in all forms.

Founded in September 2020, PACT is dedicated to bringing awareness to the whole

country about this regressive and divisive ideology spreading throughout society

and schools and exposing the people and entities responsible for it. PACT stands

firm that freedom of speech and diversity of thought are fundamental structures

of a free society that should be protected and celebrated.

PACT is committed to fighting for a safe, empathetic, respectful, and supportive

learning environment that empowers every student to make meaningful

contributions to the world. When a school system attempts to indoctrinate

students and staff with Critical Race Theory ideology reinforced through obscure

vehicles and activist techniques, it dismantles positive culture and thwarts an

inclusive climate that is necessary to support all students’ growth.

PACT calls for all students, staff, families and members of communities around the

country to engage in the disruption and dismantling of Critical Race Theory.

Together, we will reject racist and other hateful behavior and language, recognizing

that CRT encourages discrimination, hatred, oppression, and violence. As a

a recognized leader in this national movement, PACT continues to take a fearless and

a prominent stance against this insidious ideology and we are ripely positioned to

help other Americans do the same to demolish the imminent threat that CRT

imposes on our free and sovereign nation.

Our Mission

PACT will arm students, parents, and concerned citizens with the knowledge and

skills to independently identify the vehicles and techniques that propagate Critical

Race Theory in schools and assist with achieving the desired outcomes to remove

children from the influence of this negative, radical, Marxist ideology without

sacrificing their access to academics as their educational priority.

What We Do


• Increase public awareness about radical CRT indoctrination in K-12 education

through workshops and events

• Present information and facts about CRT indoctrination across all forms of

media, to include its perpetrators and their resources and methods

• Publish factual research material, resources, and links for concerned parents

and citizens to reference for educational and escalation purposes


• Research, investigate and corroborate corruption, dishonesty, fraud and

other misconduct in public institutions

• Assess CRT cases and build a framework/background of the entities and

people who are responsible for advocating and implementing CRT in school


• Identify and analyze common behavior patterns associated with CRT and

develop strategies for parents to use to defend their children


Update #6
January 16, 2022
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1/16/22: Call me whatever you want but a Day One like this is hard to beat!

Virginia’s Governor, Lt. Governor and AG DAY ONE (in less than 2 minutes)!


Update #5
October 9, 2021
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Thank you all so much for your support over the past several months. We’re now heading into the Fall and Loudoun County has once again taken over the news in a huge way, especially as Joe Biden and the DOJ wage war against Parents, branding us as “Domestic Terrorists.” But here’s the truth: We are NOT looting. We are NOT stealing. We are not burning down businesses. What we ARE doing is showing up at board meetings and advocating for OUR values, rejecting the lunacy of CRT, and demanding that academics be the central focus of the education that WE, the taxpayers, pay for! The Left HATES it when we exercise our rights and our beloved freedom – and clearly, they and their cronies will stop at nothing to control their “kingdom.”
  • Media Summary: PACT was 3X featured on Bannon’s War Room, FOX and Friends, Newsmax's Stinchfield Show, we’ve been cited as a reference in Dr. Carol Swain’s new book
  • Hosting Zoom meetings with parents groups across the country to help them understand what's needed to get in this fight
  • June 2, 2021, we filed a discrimination lawsuit against Loudoun County Public Schools for discrimination against my kids through racist and segregated school "clubs".  We are working to have this school club eliminated as well as a new resource they are using called "Bias Incident Reporting System": 
  • August 21, 2021 we hosted an all day workshop with Dr. James Lindsay for parents, teachers and students, 100+ attendees
  • September 8, 2021, we sponsored an anti-crt event with Dr. Ben Carson at Lansdowne Resort in Loudoun County, 1,000 attendees
  • September 28, 2021, we collaborated with Matt Walsh from the Daily Wire for a live event at the Loudoun County School Admin building: 
  • October 16, 2021, hosting a workshop for parents and teachers at our local Embassy Suites hotel to provide an understanding of what the Social Emotional Learning material is like for each grade level and how this anti-racist/social justice material is harming their children: 
  • Created a parental "opt-out" letter that is currently being used nationally (I've used it personally this year for my daughter): 
  • Partnered with a law firm (ADF) to help teachers that are facing backlash or problems as a result of CRT:
  • We've created a "CRT Incident Reporting System" where teachers, parents, and students can provide us with CRT type material in the classrooms or lessons:
  • PACT Blog/Posting Website:
  • PACT CRT Resources (including over 45+ sourced lessons, presentations, contracts, invoices, etc):
I hope this helps to understand what it is that PACT is doing.  I understand that it can be difficult to appreciate what an organization is doing by a simple email asking for a donation.  We thank you so much for your consideration, generosity, and prayers, especially now that the FBI has declared that we are "domestic terrorists"!

Scott Mineo

PACT Update for May 16 2021
May 22, 2021
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Once again, THANK YOU all for your financial support, kind words, encouragement, and prayers! Without all of you, we would not have been able to achieve 43% of our goal, nor would we have had the ability to keep our strength (mental/emotional/physical)! So what have we done with the donations so far and other happenings:

PACT was able to hire a conservative marketing/outreach firm that specializes in: digital/mobile/print and direct mail advertising. How they are helping PACT:
• PACT is Now Officially Nonprofit Entity: On Friday, May 14th, Parents Against Critical Theory (PACT) became a 501C(4) nonprofit! This took a few weeks but all the paperwork was finalized this past Friday

• During the week of May 17th, PACT is targeting to launch a national and targeted media campaign to raise awareness and additional support for fighting CRT

• If this campaign is successful in the very early stages, we will be launching some very direct, hard-hitting, and informative videos/PSA's across social media

• Currently, PACT utilizes our original website for posts, news, etc. However, we launched a new website (soft release), and over the next few weeks, our "old" website will merge with our new one. The new website is a much cleaner, more user-friendly interface AND we are going to be building out a platform to

• Provide people across the country with a "framework" or "blueprint" on how they can organize their own community fight like PACT. Including information on how to:

• Create FOIA's (Freedom of Information Act) requests, the many different types of FOIA's they can and should submit

• Where and how to create a website to create awareness and expose those responsible for bringing CRT into their community and schools

• Offer community-focused Zoom meetings to help answer questions, provide guidance, and make the initiative more personable, you know with real people!

Over the course of the past few months, PACT has met many amazing people and have established several important partnerships/alliances:
• 1776 Action: 1776 Action is an issue advocacy organization focused on stopping the anti-American indoctrination happening in our schools. 1776 is supported by Dr. Ben Carson and Newt Gingrich and (2) weeks ago, Governor Kriti Noem was the first candidate to sign their pledge!

• Fight for Schools: Fight for Schools is a non-partisan political action committee focused on electing common-sense candidates that commit to policies that support equal opportunity, tolerance, meritocracy, and achievement. Fight for Schools is currently heading of the recall effort of (6) of the (9) Loudoun County School Board members. We've been able to get more than 3,000 in the first week!

• We're also working with a few other key organizations, but it is too early to confirm our partnership/alliance, however, it is my hope that by the time I send out our next update we'll have these confirmed

• 4/16/21 Fox News:

• 4/16/21 Fox News (Ian Prior Opinion):

• 4/21/21 Fox News $6M Budget:

• 4/21/21 Fox News Diplomas:

• 4/22/21 Daily Wire:

• 4/22/21 Daily Wire:

• 5/6/21 News Nation Now:

• 5/11/21 1st Hit Job:

• 5/12/21 Daily Wire Shawntel:

• 5/12/21 Fox News:

• 5/12/21 Daily Wire:

• 5/12/21 - 5/14/21: We had (8) different appearances on Fox News, including Shawntel Cooper, the African American mother that scolded the school board on 5/11/21 and immediately went viral!

• **The week of May 17th will not be any different, as well as the following week, we have a few things up our sleeves. Additionally, we are on track for a major announcement by the end of May that will shake the very ground this school district rests upon!**

Thank you all once again for the support, encouraging words, and prayers!
Scott Mineo

PACT Update for April 15, 2021
April 15, 2021
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Once again, THANK YOU all for your financial support, kind words, and prayers!  Without all of you, we would not have been able to achieve 20% of our goal!  So what have we done with the donations so far:

Marketing/Social Media:  We are working with a marketing group, that is NOT woke, and I'm currently waiting on a final proposal.  We are working to:
  • Expanding our social media reach
  • Launching multiple email campaigns over the next few months to continue spreading CRT awareness and expand PACT's "brand" recognition
  • Creating a tri-fold or multipage literature for distribution 
PACT Newsletters:  This week, we started to send out a variety of different newsletters and will be expanding beyond what we've done so far:
  • Weekly Newsletter with the (10) previous posts
  • PACT Woke Wear, to inform people that PACT has a new store with a variety of products for sale
  • Video compilation of CRT in LCPS schools, and public outcry at school board meetings
Content Resources: With the approaching launch of our new website, we've decided to make it a CRT content-rich website.  The idea is to be able to provide people with a "one-stop" resource to learn more about CRT, provide video, slide, and presentation examples, etc.  In preparation, we've subscribed to "Scribd" which has a plethora of resources that will help the heavy readers, light readers, and everything in between.  We want to make it as easy as possible for people to learn about this racist pandemic called CRT
PACT has received countless requests to offer assistance in a variety of areas around the country.  We have done what we can thus far, however, I know we can do more to help.  The challenge we are facing is how to do this effectively, consistently, and with very limited bandwidth.  This is all brand new to me, so I'm not exactly sure what the best pathway forward is.  Possibly crafting a business plan in search of grants or "seed" funding?  If anyone has anyone has any recommendations, please let me know!

Media since our last update:
  • 4/8/21 PACT was on Fox and Friends to Discuss CRT in Loudoun County Public Schools:
  • 4/13/21 PACT was on "Ladies of Another View" Discussing CRT:
  • 4/13/21 PACT Posts Virginia Department of Education Memo Sent to All Superintendents Glorifying CRT (they have to stop lying to the people):
  • 4/6/21 CRT Proof:
Thank you all once again for the support, encouraging words, and prayers!
Scott Mineo

Update #2
April 5, 2021
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The people of America are amazing!  The Woke Mob and Big Tech honestly believe the American people are either too dumb, complacent or afraid to fight back.  Through the support of (137) thoughtful and generous donors to PACT and our fight against CRT, we've not only proven that they are out of touch but have also demonstrated that more people CARE about the destruction of our great country than don't.  PACT has had the GiveSendGo fundraiser up for less than a week and we've almost raised 3X the amount than what was raised on GFM when they shut it down!  Thank you all for the donations, prayers and kind and supportive comments!

What's happened since our last update:
  • PACT was on Fox and Friends on 4/3 discussion GoFundMe cancelling our fundraiser:
  • Chardonnay Antifa Considered Sending a Coffin to My Home and Had My Tweeter Account Taken Down:
  • PACT Released a New "PACT Cracked Chardonnay Antifa" T-Shirt & Coffee Mug:
  • Loudoun County GOP Has Officially Called for LCPS-Equity Committee to Sever Any/All Affiliations With the School System:
  • NBA Legend Charles Barkley Speaks the Truth:
PACT is in the early stages of talking/working with an organization that is releasing a heavy initiative focused on "1776" education.  This is still very early, and we hope to provide an update within the next week.  There are some very key players involved in this project, fingers crossed we are able to move forward!

We live our life with the Serenity Prayer at the heart of all we do.  It's our beacon of hope, reality, and strength!  Thank you all for your support, prayers and kind words.  Onward and upward!  

Scott Mineo


Thank You!!
April 1, 2021
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It's only been about (48) hours since we created our GiveSendGo fundraiser and so far, we've exceeded what was generated on GoFundMe when it was shut down!  They say things happen for a reason!  I am scheduling a few meetings with attorney's, actively working on our PR awareness and working with local HS students (PACT RATS) to bring their stories and experiences with CRT out.  There are many people speaking out against CRT but some of the most important voices not being heard, and are the ones CRT is directly impacting.  PACT had a good day from a media perspective as well.  We are not backing down, in fact we've been doubling down!  When you have facts, truth, and God on your side there's no reason not to stand up against those that seek to condemn us.  Below are a few links to recent news articles.  Again, thank you so much for all of the support, prayers and kind words!

Scott Mineo
  • Jonathan Turley:
  • Daily Wire:


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