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Thank you for visiting IOJ's current donation drive. Below you will find information and links to our series of cases that it will take to actually sue the WHO, stop the shots, censorship, persecution of groups and then prosecute the global covid criminals under Costa Rica Penal Code 386 Crimes Against Humanity, in Universal Jurisdiction.

Justice For Humanity Lawsuits Fund

Opportunity to support lawsuits with teeth

You have an opportunity to help ensure the global mission of covid justice, transparency and accountability. Interest of Justice (IOJ) is on a mission to finally arm humanity with a series of formidable lawsuits against covid tyranny and WHO breaches of duty. IOJ intends to prove the WHO & States declared a fraudulent emergency, censored truthful whistleblowers and coerced humanity to take an experimental risky gene therapy misbranded as a safe vaccine, which violates international law.

Our mission is to ensure that no one's human rights are overlooked when they're needed most, in a so called emergency. We're gearing up for a critical battle, and we need your help to raise $50,000 first round financing to start so we can quickly file our injunction to stop the shots and hire our attorneys to take over the Crimes Against Humanity Case to ensure success and make this happen.   

The attorneys are working with us on a pay as you go basis, as a labor of love for humanity, but they really do need the down payments from us as quickly as possible to pay the legal team who has already worked very hard, and are very close to filing numerous critical covid cases.

This isn't just any fundraiser; it's the key to unlocking justice for humanity.

The funds will secure the remainder due for the downpayment for our top-notch legal team and  law firm that specializes in international human rights cases.

It is time to Sue the WHO and States for domestic and international responsibility in order to prevent the further weaponization of global health!

Humanity is shell shocked, apathetic, overwhelmed and confused on the steps needed to proceed. We all need real lawsuits with a fully dedicated and competent team, and IOJ is honored to step forward and lead the way.

Instead of give up and be slaves to be used to experiment on us, we can work hard & join forces now to legally address the covid global tyranny such as limitations of rights, never ending psy op, to push propaganda and mRNA experiments.

We believe it's a duty to really dig in & try really hard to fix the long list of problems, starting with Stop Covid Vaccines NOW!!!!

We assert covid vaccines are not a health product. In our opinion it's a crime against humanity due to being an experiment with no informed consent. The other issues with covid non vaccines are potential dangers to our DNA, Gods gift, the genome whch are good cause to take it off the market.

Your support means we can stand up for those who can't defend themselves and also stand up to tyranny in a respectful setting where we will be taken seriously and facts settled for everyone worldwide. We are all about using the courts to give a voice to the voiceless and provide legal strength to the vulnerable during unprecedented global challenges.

Support expert testimony

IOJ is proudly supporting top experts that will be testifying, which include Dr. Yeadon, Dr. Ana Mihalcea, Sasha Latypova, Dr. Janci Lindsay, Norman Fenton, Dr. Boyle and Dr. Peter Breggin.

The appeals court already ruled on November 9, 2023 that we must file a main case and the new judge cannot dismiss without hearing our experts testimony. We have obtained a court order to file a main case where the judge is ordered in advance by the appeals court to listen to our experts. We have a lot of faith.

The experts & issues

* Dr. Michael Yeadon former VP of Pfizer proving COVID injections are toxic by design and there was an attack

Dr. Janci Lindsay PHD Toxicology proved adulterated with DNA plasmids SV40 

Sasha Latypova Data Analysis proving the “vaccines” are countermeasures under Public Health Emergency" and thus can never meet evidentiary standards for safety and efficacy 

Professor Norman Fenton - data analysis proving the causation of deaths by COVID-19 is really deaths by vaccine

* Dr. Ana Mihalcea proving the dangers of nano lipid particles, hydrogel and shedding, noting an increase in the appearance of rubbery synthetic clots

History of success & support

The small organization IOJ has spent many thousands of hours over the past 3 years building a very viable case against WHO, Big Pharma and the global vaccine regulators, even winning 4 cases against the Costa Rican Health Minister and convincing the Costa Rican Comptroller and Attorney General to open investigations along the way.

Global Advocacy and Recognition

IoJ's voice resonated beyond the borders of Costa Rica. They engaged with global entities like the United Nations, the World Health Organization, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, advocating for transparency and accountability. Through these interactions, IoJ established a legal record for the sake of humanity.

Their dedication to diplomacy and international law was acknowledged with four Diplomacy certificates with scholarships from the government of Malta, recognizing their expertise in areas such as diplomatic law, Science Diplomacy, multilateral and public diplomacy.

Reality Check: Law needs us to enforce it!

Justice is slow but inevitable if we stay the course and insist on rule of law and truth. The only way to lose is to let them get away with it and do nothing. Be bold. Take meaningful action with IOJ and file strategic court cases with teeth.

Why be the resistance, when you can be the PERSISTENCE?

This is the Great Reset of Rule of Law!  IOJ is a stakeholder in WHO, FDA and HHS who speaks in the global public hearings to protest covid and climate scams on behalf of humanities interests.

A Champion for Rights During an alleged Pandemic

As the world grappled with the unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 plandemic, IoJ sprang into action. In Costa Rica, US and WHO they filed over 45 legal actions, targeting injustices and seeking accountability from those in power. Their efforts were not in vain; IoJ celebrated four significant victories in the highest Constitutional Chamber against the National Health Minister.

But their work didn't stop at the courtroom doors. When IoJ suspected that the Health Minister had given false testimony, they didn't hesitate to inform the judges. This led to a referral to the public prosecutor, and three years later, it was confirmed: the Health Minister had lied about the FDA approval status of COVID-19 vaccines and other matters, leading to charges of false testimony, Nuremberg Code violations and crimes against humanity.

The Fight Continues

Today, IoJ is on the brink of a pivotal moment. Armed with evidence and backed by thorough investigations, they are preparing to take final actions against Member States, international organizations, and regulatory agencies for serious breaches of human rights laws, including illegal human experimentation without informed consent.

The upcoming legal battles are set to be monumental, with WHO staff and FDA directors expected to testify. IoJ's goal is clear: to invoke international responsibility, halt the mass use of mRNA research outside clinical trials, and remove COVID-19 vaccines from mandatory vaccination schedules in the USA, Central America and the rest of the world.

A Vision for the Future

IoJ's vision extends far beyond the courtroom. They aim to document evidence in a forum of unquestionable legitimacy, holding accountable all those responsible for fraudulent actions during the pandemic. By doing so, they hope to create a ripple effect, bringing more evidence to light and addressing a global problem that has harmed people worldwide.

The ultimate goal? To put an end to all illegal activity related to public health and ensure that both the public and private sectors are held responsible for their actions. Interest of Justice stands as a beacon of hope, fighting tirelessly for a world where human rights are respected and upheld.

The funds raised here are for the legal team and law firm for the national / international claims, which we pray to God that we can stop the global censorship and save the human genome, which is the heritage to humanity and gods creation.

By joining us, you're not just donating; you're part of a small group of concerned humble activists taking a stand for humanity and helping to hold global wrongdoers to account in a very real and viable, step by step, strategic short and long term legal plan.

Let's make sure that when history looks back on how we handled a plandemic, it will show that we held human rights as our unwavering beacon. We pray that you join us, contribute to our cause, and be part of a movement that champions human dignity, rule of law and accountability above all.

Thank you for reading our story, we are sending infinite blessings!

Visit our websites to find out more information about us & our mission of Justice for Humanity!

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Sue the WHO

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Nuremberg 2.0 Must Happen!

It is up to us, the Children of the Light!