Daniel Stockton is currently very sick and recovering in ICU. His friends wanted to start a fund to help with the cost of his hospitalization and we will do our best to explain. 

Daniel Stockton is an occupational therapist in the Tri-Cities area, with his wife Gabby and son Jackson. Gabby is in school and Jackson is getting ready to start kindergarten. On 6/10, Daniel started struggling with severe pain, motor functionality and his vision. It continued to escalate and get worse until he was taken to the ER and admitted to the Intensive Care Unit(ICU) shortly after. It was found that he had a heart attack that weekend. Since then, they have run multiple tests and have found a myriad of issues that need treatment, many of which the doctors do not have answers as to their causation. He is currently out of work while hospitalized and without insurance, creating quite a large financial gap for them. We would ask that you pray for them, that there would be intervention on their behalf for his health. If you are able to contribute financially we know this would help lighten the load significantly.