Stand With Mark

Campaign Created by: Mark’s Family

The funds from this campaign will be received by Mark Aguilera.

Goal: USD $52,000
Raised: USD $ 5,840

God Can Reverse Mark's Terminal Diagnosis! Cancer Will Not Win. Help Mark Live To Testify Of The Goodness Of God! for updates on Mark's Health. Story Below ❤️

Mark is a man of faith, loving husband and father of four (one that is with the Lord). He has always had a calling to study, follow, and teach the Word of God. Mark has had many trials and tribulations in his life and has been fighting colon cancer for seven years now. In March of 2023, Mark was told that the cancer was inoperable, and that he has less than a year to live. He is not afraid. "God never lets me down".

He and his family believe this prognosis solidifies his purpose to be an awesome testimony of the healing power of the Lord. A sign to share his experiences and begin his ministry once he is healed. 

The family has exhausted all acceptable approaches covered by insurance. Through fasting and prayer Mark has come upon many alternative methods to attack the cancer but they are unfortunately out of reach financially.

If you feel moved to help this family, your donation will help to cover the cost of his treatments. 

Hyperbaric chamber 6 months $7000 ( covered by God through a friend with chamber 6/23)

Ozone and high dose vitamin C therapy for 6 months. $48,000

Care Oncology Cancer Protocol for 6 months. $2,500 

Prescriptions and Supplements 60 days. $600 - $1,500 ( we will know more hopefully this week-6/25)

6/25/2023 UPDATE: CEA has risen again to 857 pain has continued.

6/20/23 UPDATE: CEA has risen from his 'normal" of 9 to now in the 600s. Mark is in a lot on discomfort and pain in his abdomen where the cancer has metastasized to spleen, liver and abdominal wall. More updates will be available on .


Thank you for standing with Mark!
July 22, 2023
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We cannot thank you enough for your generous donation. 

Finally we found a doctor and a protocol that seems to be making headway with the cancer and you helped us afford the first month!

His liver enzymes started to come down and he is able to take a few more steps without doubling over. These treatments cost about $2,800 per month and we use them in conjunction with low dose chemo at John Hopkins. If you can continue to share Mark’s story, please do. We expect a full recovery because the good Lord never lets us down. We want everyone to witness!

We are still trying to raise money for his next month of treatments so if you know of anyone who may be willing to help please share this link. 

We love you and appreciate you. 

Thank you again for being such a blessing to Mark, his wife and children. 

God Bless!


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