Since the beginning of the plandemic, my friend Virginia Alleyne has been standing her ground and standing up to New York City. She, like many, trusts God more than she will ever trust a man-made gene therapy shot that has killed and injured millions, around the world. Many people reluctantly gave in and went along with the narrative, but Virginia never has. 

Because of her stance, she placed on unpaid leave in September 2021 from her job at Yankee Stadium, where she was a much-beloved waitress at the high-end Legend's Suite Club. This situation has caused a severe level of stress and anxiety for this single mom of a 15-year old autistic son.

Though a massive slap-in-the-face, NYC Mayor Eric Adams has recently given a vaccine exemption to athletes and performers, "to boost tourism." In doing so, he is severely discriminating against everyone else in the city who doesn't want this experimental gene therapy injected into their body. 

Rather than sitting around complaining about it, my friend has hired an attorney to fight this battle. Her brave battle is attracting national level news through her efforts. Many have folded and given into the pressure, but she is fighting! 

Virginia is doing what someone else could have/should have done a long time ago. 

She needs our help!! She is facing EVICTION and HOMELESSNESS 

FOX News: 

New York Post:


Glenn Beck (coming on April 15) 

I am so proud of my friend. But the bottom line is that this nightmare has caused this amazing woman a serious financial crisis. Any help you can give her would be much appreciated!