The funds from this campaign will go directly to the Strobosser Family as Jesse battles Stage 4 cancer. 

Jesse is the beloved husband to Jenn, and father to three lively young children. He's a dear brother and son. He's a treasured member of our local community, and a great friend to so many!

We want the Strobossers to know they're not fighting this battle alone! 

As Jesse and Jenn navigate treatments, appointments, recovery time off work etc., the last thing we want is for financial costs to be a concern. Between rising gas prices, parking fees, nutritious foods and supplements, the cost of everything can add up quickly. We want to lift this burden for them! 

Please consider a donation of any amount to help cover these costs.

Your donation will be of practical use, but will also remind them of the widespread support behind them. That said, of all the things this couple knows: they are most certain that their help comes from the Lord - the Maker of heaven and earth! Jesse and Jenn's steadfast faith in Jesus has not been shaken one bit. They display the most humble and genuine submission to God. It's a beautiful thing to behold. You can read Jenn's account of this diagnosis, as well as how God has been sustaining them, at her blog called "Let There Be Light," where she'll share updates along the way. 

As helpful as funds are, there is nothing more valuable than your prayers! Please lift Jesse up before our Great Physician. Please pray that God would restore him to full health. We are asking for God's hand to be tangibly evident throughout every step of Jesse's treatment, and that the Lord would lead them over every hurdle they encounter. He is good! He is able!

Also, be sure to leave a note of encouragement to this awesome family - and please help us share this need!