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Campaign Created by: Lillian Sediles

The funds from this campaign will be received by Lillian Sediles.

Goal: GBP £50,000
Raised: GBP £ 1,180

Are you tired of the current educational system in the United Kingdom that fails to inspire a love of learning in students and instead focuses on standardised testing? Do you long for an educational experience that teaches critical thinking, creativity, and character development? Are you worried about the future of society with how secular education has become in England?

We are a group of passionate parents, families, and educators who believe in the power of a truly classical and Christian education to transform society. We have found ourselves in a part of the world where Christian school choices are limited--in fact there is only ONE Classical Christian school in England which is 3 hours away from Southern England. We are planning to open St Alban's Classical Academy in January 2024 to provide parents with a thoroughly Christian education that is academically rigorous and steeped in faith.

St Alban's Classical is set up as a non-profit organisation with the dream that one day, we might be able to provide parents with a private-school education at a low-cost (maybe even free). We want to start this independent Christian school to provide students with an education that is grounded in the wisdom of the past and prepares them for a successful future.

Classical education is a time-tested approach, rooted in biblical truths, that emphasises the study of the liberal arts, including literature, history, mathematics, science, and languages. This approach fosters a love of learning, teaches students how to think critically, and provides them with the tools they need to become responsible and engaged citizens. The Classical Model has proven its benefits throughout the USA in providing a high-quality education and producing adults who continue in the faith. According to the "Good Soil" research done by the Association for Classical Christian Schools (ACCS), the classical approach was most effective in transmitting the faith (90% of ACCS grads go to church at least three times a month), preparing students for academic success (88% felt well-prepared for university), and producing happy graduates (scoring 60% higher than students in Catholic schools and state schools in agreement with the statement "I have so much in life to be thankful for"). It is time to bring the classical approach back to British schools.

Our vision is to create a school where students are challenged to learn and obey the Scriptures, find their place in this world, where they are encouraged to explore their interests and passions, and where they are surrounded by a community committed to their wellbeing, safety, and success.

But we need your help to make this dream a reality. We are seeking funding to cover the costs of starting an independent primary school, including facilities (£20,000), materials (£5,000), and initial hiring costs (£25,000).

By contributing to our campaign, you will be supporting an educational initiative that has the power to transform lives and shape the future of our society. This school will be the first of many that will spread across the UK. Join us in creating a school and a network of schools providing education that parents can trust, where students can thrive, and children can be formed to become the leaders of tomorrow. Thank you for your prayers and support!


Update #2
June 1, 2023
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We had our Second Information Meeting last Sunday - we are so thrilled that five more families came to hear what we are trying to build. We have some fantastic updates to share with you to fuel your prayers this week! 

Fundraising Update: 

The Lord has been so kind to St Alban’s Classical Academy by providing us with £11,000 of one-off start-up donations so far, and also £8,600 of annual pledged donations. We are so thankful for all his provisions as we seek to set up this new school for His glory. 

If you’re able, please share this crowdfunding page with others so we can continue to raise the funds required for St Alban’s to start. You can also check out our NEW “Progress” page on our website

Enrolment Update:

We now have 40% of the minimum required tuition fee-paying students committed in order for us to start!

Please do keep praying for more families to hear about St Alban’s and sign up to join us. We are eagerly continuing to prepare for their arrival and look forward to teaching these students to walk with the Lord through our rich curriculum. 

Staff Update: 

We are exploring two potential teaching candidates at the moment. We’re very excited and will update you when we have more news. Please spread the news as we still need a Headmaster and more teachers! Remember that we are looking for committed Christians who are eager to learn and be trained in Classical Education.

Building Update:

We are continuing to negotiate the building lease for St Alban’s Classical Academy and expect to sign a lease by July.

Do get in touch if you know anyone who can support the school with practical skills as we get the building ready for the student’s arrival. We will need people to volunteer their services in decorating and building work.

OFSTED Application: 

The required documents for our Ofsted application are now being reviewed independently. We’re so grateful to the support given in this area. We hope to submit the application and documents around mid-June. 

Next Information Meeting:

We’re chatting to a few churches to host our next information meeting. Watch this space! 

As you have been able to read, there is much to be thankful for and much to pray for. God has been so gracious and kind to us in all our preparations so far. We trust that he will continue to guide our steps. 

Thank you for your unwavering commitment to St Alban's Classical Academy. Together, we can build a remarkable institution that fosters academic excellence, spiritual growth, and a lifelong love for Christ.

May God bless you abundantly!

Warm regards,

Felipe and Lillian 

Woohoo! We got our first donation!! First 100 donors will be memorialised on a Plaque :)
May 15, 2023
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To encourage our wonderful friends, family, and donors, we are going to put the names of the first 100 donors on a plaque on display in the school. Feel free to remain anonymous, too, but we are honoured to know and be supported by each and every one of you and want to honour your donation. We pray for you and for this cause. May God be glorified in this campaign.


  • Our Application to the Planning Permission team to Change the Use of our Building to a School Is Accepted!
  • Our Application to OfSTED (govt educational department) to open this Independent School is Approved
  • The Signing of Lease of this Building Happens Soon
  • Finding and Hiring a Christian Headmaster and Teachers
  • God Brings to Us the right Families to Enrol their Children as Students