Current powerbrokers are on a mission to normalize destruction and reshape what is considered normal. Remaking future generations into drones who can’t tell right from wrong, good from evil. They are trying to snuff out the truth.


We’ve assembled a team of industry professionals. We are using our skills, talents, & abilities for good. Like you, we’ve seen the writing on the wall. We know what’s at stake. And we won’t stand idly by.

We are creating several projects for ANGEL STUDIOS. One is a series called THE REVOLUTIONARIES on the Founding Fathers & the Revolutionary War. Another is an animated series based on the children's book of Danny & Sheri Silk.  We need to raise to funds to complete the short pilot projects to pitch to the Angel Guild and get the projects greenlighted. 

We are rolling up our sleeves & rolling camera - pushing back darkness with the light of truth. And we have strategies to do this for a fraction of the bloated Hollywood budgets. We are planting our stake in the ground, reclaiming storytelling by communicating self-evident truths and inspiring the next generation to pick up the torch and to stand for the light!

Join us as we make movies & TV shows showcasing the Judeo-Christian values that America was founded. Our current project Glitch is off and running, but this is just the beginning. We have many more scripts being written & ideas being developed. We have decades of work to do, and we’re just getting started.

Donate, invest, share, find out how you can invest in the future of stories for our children & our world.

What will happen if we don’t? Well, we don’t plan to find out.