Americans Speak Up And Help Out!

 It’s time to stop just talking and do something to make a difference. Let’s help Atlanta citizens know we have their back!

Our goal…Share Hope with businesses affected by the MLB move.  We want to help raise $100,000 to support those Atlanta citizens economically impacted by Major League Baseball taking this political stand.

We will take any donation..$5.00..$10.00 ..$20.00 or more (skip a case or two of Coke)
We are wanting to use this as a way to help Americans who are tired of current events to have a platform to Speak Out! Now is the time to Speak Up!  Together we can make our voices heard.

 All it takes is 10,000 Sincere Americans to each give $10.00  We can do it!!

 Money will be collected in a GiveSendGo Give Back account and will be disbursed through grants to affected Georgia small businesses. 

Image provided by:  Thechased at English Wikipedia, CC BY 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons