The New SPARTN Sanctuary There is a beauty to the relationships between Humans and Monkeys. For centuries the interaction has brought joy, learning, wisdom and challenge. There is no other animal on the planet that stretches the learning, wisdom and creativity of Human Beings other than Monkeys. Unfortunately, due to the lack of education, well meaning but under resourced people and exploitation, the right of ownership and companionship is at risk in the United States. Laws are being passed at an incredible rate that create restrictions and barriers to this unique relationship. This is where SPARTN has come in to serve, help and bring change. We began as a place of hope and help for primates who were raised by humans, but are displaced, abused or abandoned. The need is beyond HUGE. There are more than 15,000 primates being kept in private captivity in the US alone. Unfortunately many of those private owners have not been supported, educated and resourced well enough to ensure a full, safe and good life. SPARTN has chosen to build a unique ecosystem to serve, support and ensure the wellbeing of primates. Our focus from 2021 going forward is to create a world class property and facility to house, care for and support the monkeys who have been displaced over and over. Additionally, we are working to create educational programs and certification training to equip and empower people who have chosen to bring Monkeys into their homes. We are also working with some of the world's top authorities in primate research and care to expand our impact. Currently, our goal is to raise $250,000 in order to construct our new Sanctuary in West Virginia. It will include a world-class Spider Monkey Habitat, Howler Monkey Habitat, Capuchin Habitat, Patas Monkey Habitat, Vervet Monkey Habitat and habitats for Marmosets and Tamarins. We will also focus on the research and development of a new Zoological Husbandry Program for animals that have been raised in private captivity. The funds raised in this campaign will be used for construction, permitting, veterinary care, nutrition, and material development. We have identified a perfect location in Bunker Hill, West Virginia. It is a multi acre location, minutes from Maryland and Virginia. It is nestled right near the Shenandoah River and provides a quite and private space to properly care for the monkeys. You can see a picture of the current structure in place, along with images of a great sanctuary in the UK driving inspiration for our future buildout. We have also secured the support of the State Veterinarian of West Virginia, Dr. Jim Maxwell. The SPARTN team includes Michael Robison (Primate Specialist). Cassandra Fairbanks (Renown Journalist and Primate Specialist), Eric Belk (Wildlife Rehabilitation Specialist), Brandy Bianchini (Procurement & Grant Specialist), and Advisory from Benjamin Mee (Renown UK Zoo Owner) Our advisory team, which includes some of the top zoologist and habitat specialist in the world are dedicated to providing and creating the best environment for the Monkeys in our care. We are also focused on developing and creating the worlds first standard in husbandry and care for primates raised in captivity. We are truly working to change the future. All gifts to SPARTN are tax deductible as SPARTN is a registered 501c3 organization. Thank you for your support and care! Donations Will Benefit Small Primate Animal Rescue of TN