Founding Liberty Youth Coalition

Campaign Created by: Emmanuel Ruiz

The funds from this campaign will be received by Emmanuel Ruiz.

Goal: USD $4,000
Raised: USD $ 830

In our day and age, the torch of liberty seems to have begun to go dim. We must reignite this with a new generation of young liberty warriors.

We need a new organization that will defend liberty.

We will be that light!

The Liberty Youth Coalition (LYC) is dedicated to the promotion of Liberty by educating and mobilizing the youth of America. We seek to pass on the torch lit by Ron Paul to the next generation of Liberty Warriors.

Our Mission Plan

Mass Mobilization: 

We seek to mobilize a mass youth movement that will fight for Liberty, Prosperity, and Peace.


We are dedicated to the task of educating young people in the ideals of Free Market Economics, Decentralization, and Peace. 


We seek to promote and support candidates that align with our values and mission. We seek to restore the American Republic to the values of liberty which once flourished in it.

Mutual Aid

We seek to have a positive impact in our communities beyond the political world. We must reach out and help the poor through local charities and direct action to alleviate their condition.






Welcome to Liberty Lyceum
June 1, 2022
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The Liberty Movement has never been stronger. The question is longer CAN we win this fight, but rather WHEN will we win this fight. The Mises Caucus has brought in a new wave of young energetic activists to the Libertarian Party. A GOP Mises Caucus has now been formed. The Liberty Movement is growing! But who will lead the charge on campus? Who will stand against Woke Leftist professors and challenge the establishment Neo-Conservative institutions of our age? Liberty Lyceum will be that institution! If you are part of the Liberty Movement, this is your home. We are here to educate, train, and challenge. If you are ready to set the world ablaze with Liberty, join us and make liberty win!


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