Educator, artist and community leader Maj Toure and the organization Black GunsMatter have spent the past 5 years touring the country, teaching urban Americans from all walks of life about their human right to self defense and personal protection. 

The classes highlight the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment as an amazing starting point to open honest communication about what solutions urban America needs to strengthen itself as a community.

This type of grassroots work has combated crime and increased safe & responsible gun ownership nationally and now it’s time to do more. By working locally we can create a scaleable model for major cities to replicate.


The Solutionary Center located in Philadelphia will pick up where BGM has started,  but also add more education and free classes in multiple areas. The free classes center around trades, conflict resolution, employment and other quality of life areas that improve neighborhoods.

The goals and uses of these funds are simple and straightforward. 

1. Provide usable training, education and apprenticeships at no cost to participants.

2. Reduce crime in Philadelphia by 25% in 2-5 years.

3. Purchasing our brick and mortar building OUTRIGHT. 

Why Give Send Go? 

After previously raising and using over $500,000 throughout the life span of Black Guns Matter for all previous classes on Go Fund Me, we have decided to leave that fundraising platform. 

Our goal there was one million dollars and while on our way to that goal, a serous violation occurred. 

To those who may not know, Go Fund Me froze nine million dollars worth of funds for the Freedom Truckers convoy. The Freedom convoy were peacefully protesting medical violations throughout the Canada and Go Fund Me chose to freeze and redistribute the funds donors sent to support the truckers. After seeing the violation of free choice, we have taken the principled stand to no longer support that site for our crowd funding needs. 

So our work continues, on a platform that is in alignment with our values of liberty, freedom, respect and growth for all. 

Please consider giving what you can, our communities benefit from the work OF the people, FOR the people.