*Keep in mind that the donation is in Mexican Pesos MXN and 1USD = roughly 18MXN (pesos)*

Hurricane Relief for Ski Paradise employees and their families 100% of donations will go to them.

On October 24th a category 5 hurricane hit Acapulco, Mexico. The whole city is devastated, and all of the Ski Paradise community suffered heavy damages, a lot of them with total loss of their homes.

The situation is critical, and things as elemental as food & water, medicine, clothes, etc. are lacking.

This is the time of the year when our staff, who are like family to many of our guests, count on the start of our season financially. As difficult as it is at this time, our management team is committed to making sure things like regular season payroll happen with disruption; however the need is much greater than this as most our without their homes and will have to rebuild and replace everything.  

This is where if you are moved to help us cover the essential needs of Paco, Toño, Cesar, Chuy, Madi, Cesi, Johana, Ana, Carlos, Luis, Gigi, Juan, Frankie, Quique, and their families, you can do so. It doesn't matter the amount you donate, we assure you that whatever it is will go long way.

For more information please email: leo@skiparadise.com