Date: Oct, 2020


BOSTON – The New York Post posted an Article "stating A Christian crowdfunding site has raised more than $520,000 to help cover legal fees for Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse.

The GiveSendGo site, created shortly after Rittenhouse shot three Black Lives Matter protesters in the Wisconsin city on Aug. 25, killing two, is sponsored by a group called "Friends of the Rittenhouse family," which is based in Atlanta, Georgia."

Based on the reporting of the New York Post, GiveSendGo a Christian crowdfunding site has raised over $520,000 and was created after Rittenhouse shot protestors. Both are false statements. GiveSendGo has not raised any money for Rittenhouse and the GiveSendGo website was not created after the shooting.

"The GiveSendGo site was launched in 2015 and since has had campaigns all over the world raising money. If reporters and critics would spend even a minute on our site they would see that their accusations are not based on the truth of how crowdfunding works. Campaigns owners raise money. GiveSendGo is just the platform used.  Many news sources are creating stories that they have not completely researched, not fully understood, or are attempting to deliberately mislead. That is where a lot of the misconceptions have come in."" says Heather Wilson, Co-Founder of GiveSendGo.

According to GiveSendGo, the platform does not raise money or endorse campaigns on their site. This is not semantics. It is important to understand how crowdfunding works to eliminate a lot of the false narrative being thrown around.  Campaigns are started by individuals or organizations that want to use GiveSendGo to fundraise. On GSG the user creates the campaign, verifies their identity, then starts sharing their campaign with their “crowd” to let people know what they are raising funds for. Visitors to the campaign are under no obligation to give, if they give it is because they feel compelled to.  Based on the amount of emails GSG receives, there are a lot of people out there that feel they should have a say in what Givers give to. GiveSendGo's response "If you don’t like a campaign do not go to it. If you don't want to support a campaign, do not give to it. It seems pretty simple to us."

"GiveSendGo has received a lot of hate, accusations, and questioning about how a proclaimed Christian crowdfunding site would allow users to raise funds for legal funds and other campaigns causes we might not personally agree with. We have been giving a lot of thought around those questions as we also take the name Christian very seriously.” Says Jacob Wells, a veteran of the U.S. Navy and co-founder of GiveSendGo. “We were thrust into the national spotlight when we allowed the family and friends of Kyle to raise funds on our platform even when everyone else had turned him down.  We have received hate mail and death wishes by the thousands and we have spent countless hours praying, talking, seeking counsel, and reading scriptures to find God’s direction for us in this."

According to GiveSendGo’s representatives here is their statement about how they have landed on their stance as a Christian fundraising site allowing these controversial campaigns:

"GiveSendGo is a platform that allows people to raise money for people in need. Including people needing to raise money for legal defense which is a freedom offered in this country.  We (GSG) are not collecting money for the campaigns on our site. Friends and family of the campaign owners are.  We are just allowing this freedom on our platform. We believe people are owed that freedom. That everyone should be afforded the right to be innocent until proven guilty no matter what our personal beliefs are. Even more so now-a-days where there is definitely a one sided narrative shutting down anyone that doesn’t agree with it.

There are a lot of accusations and theories on what happened in each case, and that is why we have a judicial system that works these issues out.  When fed the facts of the case through the media often it is biased and tells one side of a story. We are committed to allowing both sides to tell their story. We value the diversity of ideas and the search for truth as all truth will ultimately lead to Truth himself, Jesus.

It is our goal that our users, given the freedom to be able to raise funds on our platform, will be introduced to the Hope that we have found in Jesus. A grace bigger than all our sins. Even if we do not agree with the situation or know all the facts yet.

We believe God is still seated on the throne and is in control, even in this heated political atmosphere. The world sees Republican and Democrat, but we know that is not the ultimate line being drawn.  It is the narrow road and the wide road. We are all traveling down one or the other and all we can do is press into our relationship with the Lord and ask Him what He wants from us during this time. For us at GiveSendGo, it has been clear to maintain GSG as a platform of Freedom and Hope. To give grace to everyone involved, to the campaign owners sharing their story, to the Givers giving their money for support, and to the people who disagree with us.

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