NYC Crime Victim Jose Alba Canceled on GoFundMe as Family Rushes to Raise Funds for Legal Defense on GiveSendGo

As GoFundMe Cancels Page Supporting Harlem Clerk who was Attacked in his Store, Charged with 2nd Degree Murder, and then Placed in Rikers Island Jail and Held on $250,000 Bail—Clerk’s Family Turns to GiveSendGo to Fund Legal Defense

NYC Mayor Eric Adams Publicly Defending Mr.Alba

(BOSTON, MA—July 8, 2022) GiveSendGo—the freedom-driven crowdfunding platform that has empowered Americans to raise over $100 million in donations for charitable causes—is now being used by the family of New York store clerk and father Jose Alba to fund his legal defense.

"Charitable crowdfunding is a powerful tool that allows Americans to financially stand with fellow citizens facing daunting circumstances, people who have very few options and might otherwise be without hope. We created our platform to come to the aid of families like the Albas,” said Heather Wilson, co-founder of GiveSendGo. “While good people are horrified that BigTech is canceling an innocent victim, we’re thrilled to be able to provide an alternative and give hope to this family as they stand up for their father. The internet should drive freedom, not serve as a source of tyranny."

According to the New York Post, “GoFundMe has deleted the legal defense fund page for the hard-working Manhattan bodega worker holed up at Rikers Island on a whopping $250,000 bond after he fatally stabbed a violent ex-con he was trying to fend off” and The New York Daily News is also reporting that NYC Mayor Eric Adams is publicly backing Jose Alba, “I saw a worker here inside the store following the law and he should not have been approached in the manner he was approached,” Adams said. “It’s time for New Yorkers and Americans to stand up for people who follow the law.”

In response, the Alba family has now started a funding page on GiveSendGo. That page can be found by clicking on the following link:


About GiveSendGo—GiveSendGo is a freedom-driven crowdfunding platform that has empowered Americans to raise over $100 million dollars in charitable donations to support causes restricted by BigTech platforms such as GoFundMe