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CrowdFunding is it more than Potato Salad?

In Sept 2014 . Columbus, Ohio native Zach "Danger" Brown started a campaign to raise $10 on Kickstarter to make a potato salad. Instead he ended up raising $55,000!

And why not? It seems there are crowdfunding campaigns popping up left and right for all different reasons and if you take just a few seconds to look through some of the popular sites you will see campaigns that want to raise money for anything from heart wrenching tragedies to crazy 'potato salad' like campaigns.

So in 2013, when the idea for a Christian crowdfunding site came up, we asked ourselves "is there a need for another crowdfunding site?" As we discussed business plans and what our goals and direction would be, it became very clear we did not want to make just another crowdfunding site.

As Christians, we realize that no amount of money would give the world what it really needs - HOPE. You could get all the crowds, in all the world , raising all the money that they can, and not really make a difference in anyone's life for the eternal, and that was a problem.

We wanted a site that crowds of Christians could could come together and support other Christians in their endeavors. We believe that when we live the life God wants us to - we will be living to share the hope we have found.

We also realize that sometimes in order for people to see the hope of Jesus, we need to meet their physical needs first.

That's where the funding comes in. GiveSendGo is meant to give Christians the opportunity to be supported by the body of Christ. A place for the body of Christ to get out from their comfortable pews and support people in God's family that they might not have ever known about. Why wait 'til heaven to rub shoulders, worship and encourage your brothers and sisters in Christ. We have the opportunity now.

So it is our hope as you have read this, that you understand what we believe God wants GiveSendGo.com to be. A place for Christians. A place to fund hope. A place to pray and connect with the body of Christ around the world. A place not only to raise money but a place for givers , senders and goers to work together to be the light of the world.

Please join with us praying for campaigns diligently, giving to campaigns as God leads, and sharing campaigns to spread the word.

As the #1 free Christian crowdfunding site, it is vital to us that you know how we are different from other crowdfunding platforms.

We are FREE. We charge no money to use our platform. We believe you should be able to keep all the money you raise. GSG is powered by voluntary donations from Givers and Goers. Other crowdfunding sites take anywhere from 5%-10% of the money raised by the campaign.
Each month we give 10% of the donations given to GSG, back to active campaigns on our site. We are the only crowdfunding site that believes so much in what you are doing, that we put our money where our mouth is.
We have individuals and organizations dedicated to pray over campaigns.
On GSG, Christians can choose to raise funds for short or long term campaigns. GiveSendGo allows for Goers to set up their campaign to receive monthly recurring donations from their Givers.
Outside the obvious funding for mission trips, GSG can also be used to raise funds for medical expenses, business ventures, personal needs, churches, nonprofits, ministries, or any “God Adventure” you might be embarking on.