Heather Wilson

Heather Wilson is a wife, mother of 6 and the Co-founder of . Throughout Heather’s life she has found success in many avenues, from building successful children’s ministries from the ground up, to growing a professional photography business while her children were young, to currently being on the forefront of standing for freedom as the cofounder of GiveSendGo. Despite any value of the accomplishments of her life, Heather believes that the most important thing she can leave behind in this world, is a legacy of a life defined not by the work she did, but by the work Jesus did through her.

Jacob Wells

Jacob Wells is a Jesus follower, husband, father to biological, adoptive, and foster children, fifth of twelve siblings, and co-founder of the international crowdfunding platform Wells is also a military veteran, musician, and infrequent marathon runner. He loves life and shares it with everyone he meets!

About GiveSendGo

In 2014, Three siblings had an idea. What would it look like if we took the newly popular idea of crowdfunding, and stretched it beyond just funding help for people's material needs but also providing hope for people’s spiritual needs? Out of those discussions, GiveSendGo was born. After over a year of development and setbacks, GiveSendGo was launched with a beta version in early 2015.

We had meetings daily and would talk about and pray for GiveSendGo and the direction we were headed.

We had a public launch party in October 2015, once we felt the site was ready to be put out into the world. We saw steady growth as we worked tirelessly behind the scenes with fixes and changes, making the website work more efficiently, while learning the lessons needed to grow a crowdfunding platform.

Year after year we kept running the race in obedience and with persistence waiting for the day would take off. Little did we know God was just preparing us for the plans he had for us. At the end of the summer of 2020 during the middle of a pandemic, we watched as GiveSendGo was thrust into the political spotlight for allowing a campaign that mainstream media had shut down and was censoring. Unbeknownst to us we had stepped onto a battlefield and had to take a stand. After much prayer, discussion, and counsel a decision was made. GiveSendGo was created for such a time as this. Not to take one side or another politically, but in the middle of a divided political culture, we were to be focused on the very reason we started GiveSendGo, to share the Hope of Jesus through crowdfunding to everyone who comes to our platform. That continues to be our focus as we stand for freedom.