My fellow Sapiens,

It’s been my core belief that one must be the change that they themselves wish to see in this world.

And I’m here to report this belief of mine has not and will not change.

Earlier this year, when the meme team, and I, with help from O.G(s): Ditch, HH, Pickaxe, Kenzie, Dimi and others, brought concerns to light over the ledger and further past/present misdeeds of this movements leaders, we hoped that the transparency that we were all promised after 2 years would finally come, NOT, the massive censorship, banning, and general horribleness Jim and Ivan have (and continue to) put this community through for their own financial gain coming to light!

Jim and Ivan have done nothing to help this community or the cause, only themselves, and this is an injustice that we have worked tirelessly to mend, not just for the GoFundMe but for all unkept promises and transgressions against the truth.

Last month we celebrated a huge victory as Jim and Ivan were permanently removed from Reddit. Apes retook control of their own community; however, this victory came at a significant cost and sacrifice to those involved. Immediately following Ivan and Jim’s permanent removal, I and the others involved received targeted harassment and most egregiously, Pizzaslut and Jon (Pickaxe) received death threats.

None of this is okay.

FBI and Police reports have already been filed.

Today, in order to continue to protect this community and the general public from whom I believe to be a very unhinged, dangerous, questionably insane man, I am doxing myself to tell the truth of what is happening.

As of Friday, I was served along with Jon (Pickaxe) as a defendant by James Morrison aka Jim Lewis, for what I can only sanely describe as the most batshit insane (frivolous) lawsuit anyone has ever unpacked.

Further, we have a mountain of evidence prepared in advance for this exact situation.

He wants a trial and discovery works both ways.

The full complaint can be obtained publicly by visiting: 
and searching the case #: 2023-CA-013934-O.

Monday night, I received an email from James Morrison directly suggesting to me this is all an elaborate attempt to extort me where I can either be buried in legal fees and judgements for the next 10-20 years, or I can figure out how to move on with my life and work out an agreement with him. I cannot agree with anything he’s saying or attempting to use against me in this lawsuit.

James is a horrible human being trying to bully and get his way. I will not allow it and I am taking a stand on the public’s behalf.

I am putting everything that I am on the line. My full transparency shows you all that my intentions here are pure. As many of you know, I haven’t taken any money from doing this and have been living off my savings these past many months, and I do not know what it will take financially to beat this. We need the public’s help. I’m starting a GiveSendGo campaign for legal costs for myself, Jon (Pickaxe) and any other community member that Jim may try to hurt on his warpath to destroy anyone now interfering with “his” operation. All money donated not spent for this purpose will be returned to donors. I stake that on my personal reputation and soul.

I will also update the community both on GiveSendGo and r/WallStreetSilver as everything progresses to keep the public up to date.


ShinySilverApe is another one of James’ alt accounts on both reddit and twitter. This is confirmed and called out by credible industry influencers. James believes he can say anything he wants without repercussions, such as accusing someone for mentally abusing a minor suggesting to me a repeat similar past behavior.

Elon chooses to follow a convicted extortionist who is influencing the public on matters of finance and giving him undeserved credibility and exposure. u/RocketBoomGo aka James Morrison explaining that after Elon started following the @WallStreetSilv twitter, the growth rate jumped to 10x above normal. Elon said on Twitter recently that “Citizen journalism is vital to the future of civilization”, if so important, then why was NO Due Diligence done by Mr.Musk prior to following and furthering @WallStreetSilv’s credibility to the general public?