This is Pastor Jeanine of Fields of Grace Church (IL). We are an interdenominational fellowship of ordinary people serving an Extraordinary God.

As part of our evangelical outreach, I have been developing a series of children’s stories that will be self-published under our Signature Stories brand.

Signature Stories is a new ministry of children’s original story books designed to help teach biblical truths in a fun and meaningful way. I am raising funds to be able to go to print with our first book titled “Lurch in Church.”

This will be our launch book, to later be expanded in put continuing series of stories of truth and redemption, designed to awaken the reader to the goodness of God and the redemption of each soul.

Signature Stories is a place where truth can be told in story form, just as Jesus taught in stories and parables. These stories are designed  to teach young ones about God’s sovereign plan for their lives. We will explore topics of their unique gifts, being confident in how God knit them in the womb long before they were born, and how there is an eternal destiny they can fulfill.

In our ever-changing world of evil, deception and the blinding of God's people, there is a remnant of prayer warriors fighting the ultimate spiritual battle between good and evil. As many are led astray, the faithful are doing battle on their knees and shining forth the Light of Jesus Christ.

Our subsequent series is titled “Growing Tales.” In these delightful stories children will learn biblical truths though the adventures of Cornelious Corn, Stephie Strawberry, Piere Pepper and a whole host of fruit and vegetable friends. (Matthew 19:14). These stories will focus on life challenges such as; fearfulness, insecurity, fitting in, losing a pet, body image, anger, divorce, and so much more. Our kids struggle to make sense of this ever changing world and it is our deep desire to help them process the people and things around them with wisdom, confidence and assurance that God is all powerful and will always be there for them no matter what changes occur in their little lives. 

The vision and ministry of Signature Stories is to provide safe, God-principled lessons that are fun, interactive, and rich in the Christian faith. We desire for Mom’s, Dad’s, Grandparents, Sunday School Teachers, etc. to be able to read these wholesome stories and then prompt discussions with children that are both thought provoking and help teach critical thinking skills to our precious children.

We need financial help going to print as we develop, illustrate and self-publish each story.
I have the privilege of working with artist and illustrator Ryan Karey. His illustrations are unique and playful. Ryan is a father of twin girls who will actually be found illustrated in our first book (Lurch in Church). My two grandchildren are also being featured in the first book. We even included illustrations of our church Comfort Dog, Raina.

A portion of the proceeds from future book sales will be donated back to Fields of Grace church to help meet the needs of people within the church community. Proceeds will also benefit our continued support to help stop child trafficking. Fields of Grace supports Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.) which is a ministry that paves the way for permanent eradication of child sex trafficking through their coordinated rescue and recovery planning.

We also support Morning Center Ministry which provides prenatal through postpartum care to moms in need, in the name of Jesus, at no charge. The Morning Center hopes to be an outlet that curbs the growing number of abortions and abortion providers.

Thank you for your kind consideration in helping us launch and see the realization of this vision God has given us. We covet your prayers for God’s continued direction, financial provisions and ask His blessings upon this work which He has commissioned us to carry out in His Name for the glory of His Kingdom.

Loving God & Advancing His Kingdom,
Pastor Jeanine

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