Super Happy Fun America is are the most prominent conservative activist group in New England and is focused on taking back the public square. The left dominates the mainstream media while conservatives are banned from social media platforms. If we lose the public square then our ideas will have no place to be heard.

Our inaugural event, the Boston Straight Pride Parade, became world famous. Since then we have done seventeen “Back the Blue” rallies, the widely reported on “Peaceful Protest Against Democrat Violence”, a Boston MAGA convoy, and the most prominent “Reopen MA” rallies. And we are just getting started.

In order to continue to push back against the far-left madness, we need the financial support of patriots like you! We are a right of center civil rights organization focusing on defending the Constitution, opposing gender madness and defeating cultural Marxism. We are working with several other patriotic organizations and planning more events. We need your help to continue this important work.

Thank you for your support!